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Mission Statement

At the beginning of the 1980s, Domus Academy established itself as the first post-graduate school for design in the world. The institution is a place for advanced training and research into the processes utilized for industrial creativity, the scenarios of aesthetics, consumer tastes, architecture and the design of spaces, the design of public and private services, and the radical changes connected with the continuous development of new technologies.

International Role

Domus Academy has chosen to operate at an international level in order to enrich, promote and update the Design culture by creating relations between advanced forms of knowledge and visionary projects.

National Role

Domus Academy has always maintained close links with Italy, and with the city of Milan by many collaborations and relations with Universities, Institutions, Companies.

Main Focus

All of the activities at Domus Academy have been conceived as a great laboratory for the research and exploration of future scenarios. The presence of multidisciplinary teams, the fact that students come from all over the world, and the institution’s vocation for research (typical of Italian design) are its most important components, the ones that characterize its work and study environment. Education at Domus Academy is based on one-year Master courses in various areas of Design, Fashion, Experience and Business.

Lasting one year, the Master courses are aimed at graduate students from diverse disciplines, and are recognized accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR). Domus Academy is based on a cross-disciplinary
approach and learning by designing methodology. It prepares designers for personal growth, vision and professional success in an ever-changing market. Students receive a step-by-step mentoring, gain exclusive insight into their industry of choice and make valuable connections.

Faculties and Departments





Master Level Programs

Academic Master Programmes (60 credits, 11 months)
Master in Fashion Design
Master in Fashion Management
Master in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising

Master of Arts (120 credits, 2 years)
MA in Fashion: Design, Art & Technology 

Academic Master Programmes (60 credits, 11 months)
Master in Product Design 
Master in Interior & Living Design
Master in Urban Vision & Architectural Design

Master of Arts (120 credits, 2 years)
MA in Design Innovation

Academic Master Programmes (60 credits, 11 months)

Master in Visual Brand Design 
Master in Interaction Design 
Master in Service Design 
Master in Information Design

Academic Master Programmes (60 credits, 11 months)

Master in Business Design
Master in Luxury Brand Management

Subject Areas for Exchange Students



Master: 400

Teaching Staff

Professors: 20
Lectures: 500

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