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Mission Statement

At a crossroad between a business school and a creation school, IIM’s mission is to allow students to acquire new talents and competencies, discover their own skills, decide what their professional project can be, develop their network and get a smooth start into the job market in the digital world.

International Role

IIM international role is modest. While students have the opportunity to spend their 3rd year abroad, less than 20 % do so in practice. This is probably due to the fact that many students are also working in parallel to their studies. 

We believe that joining cumulus would create more opportunities and supports the school international development.

National Role

IIM is member of 8 French associations in the digital and educational area and Emmanuel Peter is a member of the broad of 2 of them (talents du numérique and reca)

https://talentsdunumerique.com/ a think tank for the digital world

https://www.reca-animation.com/index.php/reca/ animation schools

http://www.reseauecoles-jeuvideo.fr/les-ecoles-du-reseau/  video games schools

https://www.iabfrance.com/ interactive advertising bureau

https://www.capdigital.com/en/ a hub for digital and ecological transformation

https://leclubdesda.org/ club of art directors

https://capital-games.org/ paris region video games association




Member of the board for 2 of them : RECA Talents du numérique

Main Focus

IIM positions itself as a multisector digital school with a professional approach. Students are strongly encouraged and supported to have professional experiences during their studies, be it by working part-time, and/or by doing internships, and working on various projects with and for industry.

Being part of De Vinci Group also allows students to work together with students from other backgrounds (engineering, IT and business). Approx 20 % of the curriculum is taught jointly with students from the sister schools.

Last but not least, IIM (and De Vinci in general) puts a strong emphasis on soft skills and sustainable development (Devinci is part of the PRME programme)


Faculties and Departments

IIM has 5 departments

– digital communication and e-business

– web development

– creation and design

– video games

–  Animation


Bachelor Level Programs

3 year Bachelor programmes

– digital communication and e-business

– web development

– digital design

– video games

– 3D animation

all programmes are certified by "France competences", the state body which awards professional degrees

Master Level Programs

2-year Masters in

Master Digital Communication & Social Media Strategy

Master E-Business Strategy

Master Digital Marketing & Data Analytics

Master Digital Transformation Management

Master Web & Mobile Software Engineering

Master UX Design & Interactivity

Master Digital Art Director

Master 3D Production Management

Master 3D Animation

Master Game Production & Marketing

Master Game Design

Master Game Programming

Master Game Art


1-year MBA in Video Game Management

All programmes are certified by "France competences", the state body which awards professional degrees.

IIM also offers

– 1 double degree with EMLV school of Management (De Vinci), in digital marketing and data analytics

– a joint certificate with ESILV school of engineering (De Vinci) in digital transformation

– an articulation agreement for Game Programming with UQAC, Univesité du Québec à Chicoutimi

Research Activity and Main Areas

www.dvic.devinci.fr/en gives an example of our activities.

Doctorate Level Programs

IIM does not offer programmes at doctorate level. As one of the 3 De Vinci schools however, several faculty members are members of De Vinci Research Center



Subject Areas for Exchange Students

At present IIM students have the opportunity to spend the 3rd year of their undergraduate studies abroad (in most cases this international year consists of one study semester at a partners institution and in an internship in a company abroad).

De Vinci schools do welcome approx. 300 students every year though. Most of them attend courses fully taught in English at IIM sister schools EMLV and ESILV as IIM does not offer courses in English yet. Some of those students have a digital and creative background. Becoming a member of Cumulus would help to understand better those students’s needs and make them a relevant course offer.

Application Deadlines

June  1st for the Fall semester

November 1st for the Spring semester

Teaching Languages

Apart from the MBA in video games management semesters courses are taught in French only.

We plan to develop short programmes in English on demand

Semester Dates

At IIM semester dates are

Fall : early September – end of January

Spring : early February – end of May

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

The cost of living in Paris could vary between  900 – 1200 €/month including accommodation, food and local transport.

PJ : international student guide.



Bachelor: 1125
Master: 796

Exchange Students

Incoming: 2 / 300
Outgoing: 70

Teaching Staff

Professors: 9
Lectures: 13
Other permanent teachers: 28
Part-time Teachers: 239

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