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Mission Statement

CENTRO's mission is to offer the expertise, the methodologies, the environment, and the facilities to encourage and foster the advance of creative talent. Our objective is to form innovators, visionaries, and leaders in the fields of design, film, communication, and new media, who will impact and improve the world.

International Role

CENTRO was founded following intensive research into best practices at the world's leading design, film, and television schools. This international spirit permeates every aspect of CENTRO today, creating an atmosphere that inspires, challenges, surprises, and nourishes students, faculty, and employees. More than mere image, CENTRO's vision has created a unique attitude and a way of thinking and acting in the global and local contexts alike.

CENTRO's campus building was designed in 2015 by the renowned architect Enrique Norten (TEN Arquitectos). It is LEED Platinum Certified as a fully sustainable building and has been praised in architecture and design publications worldwide.

CENTRO is strongly aware of the significance of relationships, dialogues, exchange, and cross-fertilization: we believe that innovative ideas grow out of unexpected mixtures of different fields. Our goal is to provoke unlikely but necessary encounters, bringing together people from different disciplines into constructive and innovative collaborations.

Collaborations with the Canadian Embassy, Google, Nike, MoMA, Wanted Design, among many others, have positioned CENTRO as an important player in the international cultural community. CENTRO students' work has achieved international awareness through participation in Il Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the Croatia Film Festival, D&AD Student Awards in London, and many other venues, as well as in academic exchanges with other leading schools worldwide.

CENTRO, with over 25 academic agreements, links its students to a global professional, and academic network. A broad range of partnerships, collaborations, and specific programs with national and international institutions generate a multitude of opportunities. CENTRO hosts students and teachers from all continents, promoting diversity among our academic community.

National Role

CENTRO generates projects and experiences that foster permanent relationships with industry, opinion leaders, and experts in many creative, entrepreneurial, cultural and educational fields.

Projects at CENTRO provide energy and inspiration to the students and others involved. They have positioned the school as a far-reaching creative force within and beyond Mexico's borders.

A key goal of CENTRO's projects is to promote unexpected, yet essential encounters that connect professionals from different disciplines and promote creative action in every sphere.

Since its foundation, CENTRO has continuously organized and hosted conferences, master classes, workshops, residence programs, and exhibitions. All our programs develop projects and key partnerships with leading stakeholders, foundations, organizations, NGOs, and businesses.

Main Focus

Creative Industries: Design, Visual Communication, Film, Digital Media, and Marketing.

Faculties and Departments

Founded in 2004 and located in Mexico City, CENTRO is an institution of higher education in Design, Communication, Film, and New Media. As its name suggests, CENTRO embraces the intersection of different fields such as creativity, business, technology, and science. The school fosters a careful balance between thought, practice, and action, reflected in its interdisciplinary and dynamic curriculum with an entrepreneurial, and sustainable focus.

As the name CENTRO implies, the school embraces the intersection of different creative fields with technology, science, and business. Around our core of program-specific content, we have built transversal centers for research, social impact, entrepreneurship, dialogue, industry collaborations, and transmedia storytelling. This component-based structure allows us to explore and evolve in an ongoing process of iteration.

Students have access to a broad range of academic programs including eight undergraduate degrees in Interior Architecture, Visual Communication, Film & Television, Industrial Design, Digital Media Design and Technology, Textile & Fashion, Marketing & Advertising, and Architecture (August, 2022); nine graduate degree programs; and continuing education courses in related topics.

At CENTRO all teachers are recognized professionals in their fields who have studied or worked abroad, receiving international grants and awards. They are also given ongoing training on the latest development in creative studies. CENTRO focuses on constantly developing and improving its faculty to offer students access to a deep pool of know-how, experience, and extraordinary talent.

Bachelor Level Programs

  1. (BA)  Film and Television, 4 years program. 
  2. (BA)  Industrial Design, 4 years program. 
  3. (BA)  Interior Architecture, 4 years program. 
  4. (BA)  Marketing and Advertising, 4 years program. 
  5. (BA) Creative Computing, 4 years program.
  6. (BA)  Digital Media Design and Technology, 4 years program. 
  7. (BA)  Textile and Fashion Design, 4 years program. 
  8. (BA)  Visual Communication, 4 years program
  9. (BA)  Architecture, 4 years program 

Master Level Programs


  1. MA Design Studies, 2 years program.
  2. MA Housing design, 2 years program.
  3. MA Business, Innovation, and Creativity, 2 years program.
  4. MA Contemporary Art, Management and Market, 2 years program.
  5. MA Global Fashion Management, 2 years program.


  1. Contemporary Jewelry Design, 1 year program.
  2. Creative Coding for Video and Animation, 1 year program.
  3. Data Visualization, 1 year program.
  4. Design Futures, 1 year program.
  5. Fashion Marketing, 1 year program.
  6. Fashion Communication and Styling, 1 year program.
  7. Footwear and Leathergoods, 1 year program.
  8. Interior Architecture Project Management, 1 year program.
  9. Lighting for Interior Design, 1 year program.
  10. Scenic Design, 1 year program.
  11. Urban Design, 1 year program.
  12. Food Design and Innovation, 1 year program.
  13. Design for Social Innovation, 1 year program.
  14. UX Design, 1 year program.

Research Activity and Main Areas

  • Creative Economy
  • Design for Social Innovation
  • Creative Processes
  • Future Studies
  • Innovation for Creative Education
  • Creative Technology
  • XR and advanced visualization
  • Automation and robotics
  • Digital fabrication and physical computing
  • Creative coding

Current developing projects:

  1. Certification of skills for creativity
  2. Future Studies: Future planning and scenario development
  3. Diversity, equity, and peace culture
  4. Mapping Mexico's Creative Industries
  5. Documentation of Creative Processes
  6. Academic Research and Publishing
  7. New Educational Models
  8. Specialized Creative Coding Program for Undergrads
  9. Cloud Computing and Automation for Creative Industries
  10. Open Hardware Controllers for Interactive Audiovisual Live Shows
  11. Digital Couture and Fashion Immersive Experiences
  12. Real-time and Immersive Visualization for Architecture
  13. Augmented reality in digital twins
  14. Creative Computing for Contemporary Art
  15. Art exhibitions and XR Technologies 
  16. Art and culture leadership 

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

  • Design Management
  • Digital Media Design
  • Design Studies
  • Film and Television
  • Industrial Design
  • Architecture 
  • Interior Architecture
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Social Design
  • Textile and Fashion Design
  • Visual Communication
  • Future Studies
  • Urban Planning
  • Data Visualization
  • Business and Innovation for Creativity

Application Deadlines

For Spring Term:  August to November

For Fall Term: May to June

Teaching Languages

All courses are taught in Spanish

Semester Dates

  1. Spring 2024
    Fourth week of January (active students from second to eighth semesters)
    Third week of January (first semester students)
  2. Fall 2024
    Fourth week of August (active students from second to eighth semesters)
    Fourth week of July (first semester students)

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Course:  $1350 € 2016 Figures

Insurance: (From home country)


            Housing: $ 500 € (Sharing a two bedrooms apartment)

            Food expenses:  $400 €

            Transportation: From 40 to 60 € (Public Transportation)

Total :2250 €  (Not considering personal expenses)


Bachelor: 1220
Master: 220

Exchange Students

Incoming: 2 average
Outgoing: 4 average

Teaching Staff

Professors: 382
Other permanent teachers: 382

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