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Aalto , Finland Full Member Institution

University of Art and Design in Helsinki (now Aalto University)
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Mission Statement

In its field the Aalto Univeristy School of Art and Design is a dynamic international university that promotes the development of creative industries, the regeneration of the national culture, artistic edification and innovative entrepreneurship based on sustainable development. School of Art and Design is part of a local concentration of universities and polytechnics, which will provide international-level conditions for high-standard research, teaching, artistic endeavour and effective innovation. School of Art and Design participates in active cooperation with industry and commerce, culture and the surrounding society. To achieve its aims it also networks with the best international universities and centres of learning. Values and Strategy http://www.taik.fi/en/about_taik/values_&_strategy.html

Main Focus

The Aalto University's School of Arts, Design and Architecture has been a leader in art and design education for over 138 years. It is an international postgraduate university institution with students from over 50 countries. It offers doctorate, master and bachelor degrees in a wide range of disciplines – fine art, design, new media, art education, visual culture, motion picture and production design. School of Art and Design is a pioneer in research and in developing interdisciplinary study programmes. We also provide open-university teaching and additional professional training. An international spirit and the English language are part of our everyday life. Almost 19 percent of our students come from abroad, making us Finland’s most international university. The School supports innovation activities through its business incubator Arabus and innovation service unit Designium and life-long learning through education and development services.

Faculties and Departments

Faculties and departments http://arts.aalto.fi/en/departments/ Department of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design Department of Media Department of Design Department of Art Department of Art and Media Pori (Cumulus testing)

Bachelor Level Programs

The Bachelor of Arts degree(Intended completion time 3 years) can be completed only in the Finnish or Swedish language. Department of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design Film and Television -Documentary Film making -Screenwriting -Directing -Film Editing -Cinematography -Film and Television Producing -Sound Design Design for Theatre, Film and Television -Costume Design -Production Design -Scenography Department of Media -Graphic Design -Photography Department of Design -Ceramics and Glass Design -Interior Architecture and Furniture Design -Textile Art and Design -Fashion and Clothing Design -Industrial Design Department of Art -Art Education Study Guide and degree requirements: http://studyguides.aalto.fi/arts/2014/en/

Master Level Programs

The Master of Arts degree (Intended completion time 2 years)can be completed in English or Finnish. Department of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design Film and Television -Documentary Film making -Screenwriting -Directing -Film Editing -Cinematography -Film and Television Producing -Sound Design Design for Theatre, Film and Television -Costume Design -Production Design -Scenography Department of Media -Graphic Design -Media Lab -Photography Department of Design -Creative Sustainability -International Design Business Management -Ceramics and Glass Design -Applied Art and Design -Textile Art, Fashion and Clothing Design -Industrial and Strategic Design -Spatial and Furniture Design Department of Art -Fine Arts -Environmental Art -Fine Art Studies -Art Education Department of Art and Media Pori – Master's degree programme in Visual Culture – Master's degree programme in Creative Business Management http://arts.aalto.fi/en/studies/programmes/master/ Study Guide and degree requirements: https://into.aalto.fi/display/enmastertaik/Degree+requirements WebOodi https://oodi.aalto.fi/Oodi/e/

Research Activity and Main Areas

http://arts.aalto.fi/en/research/ Fruitful interaction between science, art and design makes research carried out at the Aalto University School of Art and Design highly versatile. The topics of research relate to the fields of art, design, and media, with sustainable development as an all-encompassing theme. Further information on research projects and other research activities is available in the research database, ReseDa. As a powerful actor in its research field, the Aalto University School of Art and Design attracts a good many international researchers and doctoral students. Since 1991, 90 Doctors of Arts (DA) have graduated. You can find further information on the Aalto Doctoral Programme in Art and Design in Into portal. Besides the departments, R&D projects are carried out in other units: Future Home Institute focuses on future living and Designium, Centre of Innovation, aims to promote the applying of design in strategic ways in business. Media Factory is a platform for collaboration and development in media-related research and education within the Aalto University. The Research Institute coordinates and develops research and doctoral studies at the School of Art and Design.

Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

The partners are linked to TaiK through bilateral agreements and different programmes. https://into.aalto.fi/display/enmastertaik/Application+Information

Application Deadlines

For the autumn term or the whole study year: 1st of April For the spring term: 15th of October

Teaching Languages

Finnish and Swedish. Most of the teachers and academic staff speak English.

Semester Dates

Autumn term: Beginning of Sep – Mid December Spring term: Beginning of Jan – End of May Courses can be started earlier depending on the study area. TaiK has two semesters and receives exchange students only in September or January.

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Living expenses are 600€; including approximate rent, food and public transportation. Material expenses are about 50€; per month.


Bachelor: 583
Master: 1170
Doctorate: 216

Exchange Students

Incoming: 132
Outgoing: 75
Others: 200

Teaching Staff

Professors: 161

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