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Many institutions increasingly experiment on flexible curricula. It demonstrates a need to shape educational pathways capable to integrate personalized plans of studies that allow graduating students to be competitive in the professions, or in accessing quality opportunities to continue their learning pathways.

Not only students’ preferences but also industry’s expectations indicate that integrated knowledge and competencies will be pivotal for successful careers. If many undergraduate students dedicate unprecedented self-studies research efforts for preparing their portfolio it means that they haven’t found in their curriculum all what was needed to prepare them to the next career steps. Wouldn’t it be beneficial if they could take modules in the universities that they are considering for their Master?

Eventually, the challenges brought about by Covid-19 and strong traveling limitations especially affect international students.

The various forms of HE international cooperation rely predominantly on mutual recognition of credits that in its turn implies modules mapping, assessment of learning outcomes and delivery modes of courses taken in the partner institution.

Would it be possible to exploit existing educational platforms for the integration of shared modules between partner institutions, from which students can choose to forge their curricula?

Would this allow for a much more open access to international education, if the modules were made available on-line, or in hybrid formats? The platform could contain both modules belonging to the institution where they were originated, and modules jointly designed by partner institutions.

On the 7th of July, we would like to share with the Cumulus members our vision on how this Credit-based exchange could work and we invite member institutions to join our initiative.

Please join us via this zoom link. Time is 12.00 UTC!

Mariia Zolotova, Ph. D.
Massimo Imparato  MArc UniGe IS4CE aCSDf


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