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With more than twenty years’ history, X‐files is the oldest CWG in the history of the association. It is a forum for international networking, a vehicle for the cultivation of existing collaborations and the discovery of new opportunities, as well as a platform for global engagement and interaction. Participants of the X‐files working group include all types of university personnel: faculty members, administrative staff, deans, directors, and researchers. Cumulus conference attendees are welcome to take part if they share the group’s main objectives:

  1. To facilitate collaborations during the Cumulus conference and to provide members with tools to sustain conversations;
  2. To help members find prospective partners and lay the groundwork for new collaborations;
  3. To provide space and time to all Cumulus conference attendees to connect with an active network of international academic programs;
  4. To establish networking opportunities in the creative context of the conference.


CWG Publication – Bearers of Internationalisation (2018)

Available at the resources section of our site. 

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