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Food Think Tank investigates a number of critical questions for designers: how can design influence our new eating habits and protect the planet’s natural resources and work, especially with the rising global concern on how to feed the planet now and into 2050? Similar to design, food is a common language that brings people and cultures together, each with a different relationship to food preferences and taboos.

The working group aims to challenge traditional ideas about food products and consumption to look into and examine what are the new protein transitions, and how we can minimize food waste. We are calling food design labs and designers, in general, to contribute to this working group to work towards a unified global vision and to explore how we can design the present to ensure a better future.

Food Think Tank focuses on the following topics:

  • The role of designers to protect food ecosystems and natural resources
  • Designing new food systems, healthy living, ecological products, and brands
  • The role of technology in food production and consumption
  • Quality food with health benefits to developed and under-developed countries
  • Food security and consumption
  • The link between designers, education, and the food industry (disciplinary and cultural perspective) 
  • Any other related topic proposed by working group members

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