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We identify and publish new creative competencies that designers and art students need to adapt to prepare them for their future. We organize hands-on workshops at the end of the conference to peer review what this year’s conference has yielded. We then publish these newly minted creative competencies and how they can be taught by means of case studies on the Creative Competencies Resource. To date, the working group has identified and published 50+ creative competencies.

A creative competency is defined as the knowledge (as it relates to thinking, cognition); the skills (doing, making); and the behaviors (feelings, attitudes, motivations) students need to acquire. Understanding the different creative competencies that students need to develop is useful for educators in creating, managing and facilitating learning experiences. This working group is a platform to share the rich diversity in designing learning experiences to educators and practitioners from all over the world.

The CCR supports Cumulus in delivering on its mission and vision as it provides an effective platform for knowledge exchange and fosters year-round community.

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