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Zhengzhou University, Academy of Fine Arts

Department of Design

China Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

1. Strengthen foreign communication and corporation

2. Apply for the major of digital media art

3.Improve personal training of teachers, in order to build up a talent team with high quality

International Role

1.International academic conferences with the Russian Academy of Special Arts and the Russian Center for International Scientific and Cultural Exchanges— ICADCE 2015 and International Conference on Art, Design, and Contemporary Education (ICADCE 2016)

2.2016, signed an academic cooperation paper with South Korea Artists Association

3.Enroll students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan for the first time in 2018

National Role

1."Song Yue Yi Yun – Teacher Works Exhibition of Zhengzhou University Academy of Fine Arts" 2015

2."Exploration – Innovation China Young Sculptor Invitational Exhibition" 2014

3."Harmonious with Differences- Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition in Central China" 2013

4."National Art and Design Discipline Academic Seminar", "Elegant Art into the Campus – China Art Exhibition Tour" 2016

5."Henan Province, art College, Ph.D. Design Association – Central Plains Higher Art Education Forum" 2016

Main Focus

In BA area, in six majors: chinese painting, oil painting, sculpture, visual communication design, aniamtion and art history.

In MA area, in five majors: chinese painting, oil painting, sculpture, visual communication design and art history.

Faculties and Departments

We have 51 faculties in total, 7 professors and 11 associate professors. There are 14 master tutors and 9 faculties had abroad study experience. It forms by 3 units:painting, sculpture and design which including six majors, there are chinese painting,oil painting, sculpture, visual communication design, animation and arts history.

Bachelor Level Programs

BA programs:

sketch/8weeks, arts history/8weeks, folk arts/8weeks, video design/6weeks, Chinese painting/8weeks,

calligraphy/8weeks, oil painting/8weeks, material skills/8weeks, film art/8 weeks, design administration and

management/6weeks, illustration design/6weeks,  porttery art/8weeks, sculpture/8weeks,

tiles of the degrees: BA in Arts, BA in Art Design

Master Level Programs

MA level programs:

chinese painting/10weeks, oil painting/10weeks, sculpture/10weeks, folk art/10weeks design project/10weeks

Tile of the degree: MA in Arts

Research Activity and Main Areas

Our research mainly focus on "central plains art" in China, the project of "Central Plains Art" has been selected as the government project. In December 2016, the national seminar of "Central Plains Art" was held by Academy of Fine Arts.

Doctorate Level Programs



Bachelor: 620
Master: 65

Teaching Staff

Professors: 18
Lectures: 41
Other permanent teachers: 41
Part-time Teachers: NONE

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