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Mission Statement

Y SCHOOLS’ motto is : “Change Life through Education”; Y SCHOOLS aims at instilling and cross-pollinating entrepreneurial minds and skills, contributing thus to the emergence and education of a new generation of innovative managers and leaders. Committed to its community and its expertise environment, it focuses its pedagogical credo on multi-cultural experiences and exposures, opening up new horizons. Its belief is that personal and professional success is generated from self-fulfillment thanks to the learning by doing principle. Within this frame, Troyes en Champagne School of Design prepares its students for complex environments. A transversal approach of the topics is the backbone of the curricula. The graduate knows how to analyze a situation, set priorities and suggest alternative ideas when necessary. He has a good command of the different issues on the economic, technical and social aspects. He is able to engage a process of original and constructive thinking in connection with the needs of companies, social institutions and business world. He can act in cross-disciplinary teams and projects as a creative, value-adding mediator. Thanks to his technical expertise, his mastery of graphic tools and his entrepreneurial mind, he is innovative, efficient and a pertinent “output enhancer”.

International Role

International exposure is part of ESD’s strategy : 1) A one semester exchange period abroad is compulsory for all students : they learn new concepts and attitudes and can measure up the direct connection between Culture, Social Psychology, Semiology, Aesthetics and Design. On the other hand, ESD welcomes the students from its partner universities; 2) Guest professors and representatives of the Design industry coming from foreign countries contribute to a really global vision and perspective of the different topics the students have to deal with; 3) The students are encouraged to apply for internships abroad and participate in international competitions; 4) ESD has started the admission of non-national students offering thus a truly melting pot environment on site. The present network of international partner universities is comprised of institutions in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China/Taïwan, Costa Rica, India, Italy, Malaysia, Peru, South Korea, the Netherlands, Tunisia.

National Role

Groupe ESC Troyes en Champagne, particularly its School of Design, appears as a visible actor in its regional environment, involving its students in large events and specific missions with the city of Troyes and the main institutions of Champagne-Ardenne. It has also a direct relationship with the Technopole de l’Aube en Champagne and plays a key role in the activities of the “Pole Entrepreneuriat Etudiant” (one of the 20 Student Entrepreneurship clusters that benefit of a specific support from the French government) and in the development of the “Young Entrepreneur Center” (a unit dedicated to the training and coaching of young creators) Long-existing cooperation with local firms (Lacoste), as well as with national companies (ERDF, Victorinox, ArevaMed, Thiriet, etc.) and multinational corporates (Mc Donald’s) is a way for the school to find training fields where rupture is perceived as a progress and the students’ creativity and open-mindness as a competitive advantage. The students heighten energy and vision for possible change.

Main Focus

At Bachelor level : transversal approach from 3 major fields of design : product design, space design, communication & visual arts

At postgraduate level : mix of Design and Management, Development of entrepreneurial skills in the fields of Design

Faculties and Departments


Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor in Global Design / 3 year-program

Master Level Programs

Diplôme Etudes Supérieures en Design Global / 5 year-program

Research Activity and Main Areas

Not yet really. However, applied research will be led with regional companies (see below part "Role in regional and national sectors")

Doctorate Level Programs

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

See direct link to our course catalogue : http://open.get-formation.fr/eng/siteanglais/moteurRecherche.php?recherche=&liste=&filtre_cyc=A&filtre_periode=&filtre_dep=&filtre_lang=&filtre_year=2013

Application Deadlines

May 15th and November 15th

Teaching Languages

French and English

Semester Dates

1) September 1st – January 31st 2) February 2nd  – June 30th

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

600-700 €


Bachelor: 163
Master: 36

Exchange Students

Incoming: 16
Outgoing: 16

Teaching Staff

Professors: 5
Lectures: -
Part-time Teachers: 44

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