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XuBeihong Art Academy, Shanghai Maritime University

Shanghai , China Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Our mission is “People-oriented, Serving the Society, Promoting Sustainable Social Change through Design Innovation.” The overall goal of the Institute is to build an innovative art design institute featuring ocean and ship design.


International Role

Our university has always attached much importance to exchange and cooperation with overseas academies, institutions and industry companies, and has established close ties with over 80 institutions in aspects of teacher communication, joint school-running, scientific research cooperation, students exchange, etc, and close contacts with international noted shipping organization/institution, (e.g.) International Maritime Organization, The Baltic and International Maritime Council, Classification society in Norway. SMU has opened up “international class”, which attracts students of maritime institutions in USA, Korea, Poland, Russia, German, Ukraine, etc. Approved by the Education Ministry of China in 2011, the Bachelor of Science program in Logistics Management, offered by Shanghai Maritime University in collaboration with Regional Maritime University is open to applicants from Central and West Africa, which is the pioneering overseas program that can be awarded Chinese bachelor's degree among Shanghai universities. Since 2012, SMU is approved to accept the Chinese Government Scholarship students, which will be more conducive to promoting the process of internationalization of SMU.

National Role

Through interdisciplinary cooperation, we devote ourselves to the design of marine environmental protection, the design of marine lifesaving, and the design of marine resources utilization.

Through cooperation with enterprises, we devote ourselves to the research of China's indigenous cruise design.

Our visual communication design course aims to develop student's technical and conceptual skills and situate their practice professionally and socially. In this transformation era, all the practitioners need to face new possibilities of communication and graphic to undertake the responsibilities as managers of cultural resources.

The cooperative units mainly include:

Ship Engineering Design Department of Shanghai Maritime University;

Shanghai Industrial Design Association;

Shanghai Society of Engineering Graphics;

China Industrial Design Association User Experience Branch;

Mural Art Committee of China Artists Association;

Shanghai Packaging Technology Association;

Yiwu Creative Industry Park;

Shanghai Association of Creative Designers;

Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd.;

Huafei Creative Park;

Baolong Yiyue Hotel.

Main Focus

Main focus in education is oriented in design and art.

XuBeihong Art Academy features Ship-related art design. The university has provided relevant internship conditions. SMU owns an aquatic training center, the Yufeng Ship, a 10-thousand-ton container ship for teaching and internship training, and a newly-built 48-thousand-ton Yangtze handymax bulk carrier for teaching and internship training ship, named Yuming ship.

Faculties and Departments

XuBeihong Art Academy presently consists of industrial design department, visual communication design department and painting department.

XuBeihong Art Academy has over 430 full-time students.

Of the 38 full-time teachers, 10 are professors and 8 hold a doctorate.

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in painting;

BA in industrial design;

BA in visual communication design;

Full-time study form, system for four years.

Master Level Programs

Cultivating Master's Degree in Ergonomics in cooperation with the College of Logistics Engineering. 
Full-time study form, system for three years.

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research main areas:

Interior decoration design of cruise ships;

Interactive interface design;

Product innovative design;

Packaging design;

Traditional art education;

Fiber art;


Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Industrial design;

Visual communication design;


Application Deadlines

Mid-May each year

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Two or four semesters starting September 1

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)



Bachelor: 440
Master: 3

Exchange Students

Incoming: Uncertain
Outgoing: 3
Others: Uncertain

Teaching Staff

Professors: 10
Lectures: 18
Other permanent teachers: 25
Part-time Teachers: 8

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