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Mission Statement

Building on the multidisciplinary academic strength of XMU and the creativity education advantage of UCA, ICI is designed to encourage and support the independent thinkers, so as to prepare them for being the leaders of domestic and global creative industries. ICI provides a well-structured and jointly developed curricula that aims to build the students’ global vision, multidisciplinary knowledge, critical thinking, creativity and innovation ability. And a strong and diversified team of international teaching staff will support the students, inspire them and drive their enthusiasm of creativity.

International Role

ICI actively seeks collaboration and exchange with universities worldwide. Our efforts span talents training, staff exchange, and more. Notably, ICI has engaged with esteemed institutions such as the Royal Academy of Arts, University College London, and Sandberg Institute, establishing partnerships in staff & students exchange, joint workshops, and exhibitions.

National Role

Our institute, amid China's digital transformation, plays a crucial role in national and regional development by integrating innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies into three undergraduate programs. As the first Sino-foreign collaborative institution, we actively contribute to the country's global engagement strategy.

In education, we pioneer a 4+0 model, ensuring compliance with Ministry of Education standards, focusing on creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills. Our commitment to talent cultivation includes a shift from rote memorization to practical application and a comprehensive assessment approach.

Emphasizing interdisciplinary knowledge integration, we host events like the "Creativity Summit" and collaborate with local enterprises to provide students with real-world experiences. In essence, our institute stands as a beacon of innovation, preparing globally aware and competitive talents for the future.

Main Focus

The main focus of ICI is to cultivate design bachelor talents with global vision, multidisciplinary knowledge, creativity and innovation. It's also committed to developing the research on design and connection with industries.

Faculties and Departments

The Institute of Creativity and Innovation is a Chinese-foreign cooperative design education institute between Xiamen University and the University for the Creative Arts, UK. Currently offering three bachelor programs—Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, and Digital Media Arts.

Located in Zhangzhou Campus of XMU, ICI enjoys a teaching space of 5,189 square meters with modern seminar rooms, studios, Mac computer rooms, photograph studios, video studios, model-making workshop, reprographics and printing workshop, post-production studios and its own library of over 8000 books of design specialization. It also equipped with a wide spectrum of professional equipment such as 3-D printers, CNC machine, laser cutter model-making, etc. 

Bachelor Level Programs


The Institute of Creativity and Innovation offers 3 different programs namely BA in Visual Communication Design, BA in Environmental Design, and BA in Digital Media Arts.

Research Activity and Main Areas

ICI is committed to building an international and diversified research team and actively introduces talents with interdisciplinary backgrounds. Its research fields cover art, computer science, architecture, electronics, mechanics, civil engineering, etc. In recent years, the number of papers published in SCI, SSCI, and A&HCI has been increasing.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Visual Communication Design, BA in Environmental Design, and BA in Digital Media Arts.

Teaching Languages

English and Chinese

Semester Dates

Spring semester: Feb.26-June 21

Summer semester: June 24- July 19

Autumn semester: Sep.11-Jan.12

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

500 euros/month


Bachelor: 1015

Exchange Students

Outgoing: 10
Others: 8

Teaching Staff

Professors: 16
Lectures: 38
Other permanent teachers: 11
Part-time Teachers: 2

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