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Wuhan University of Technology

School of Art and Design

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Mission Statement

The School of Art and Design is committed to cultivating high-end art and design talents needed for the development of national social economy, promoting excellent Chinese culture and building a better life for the people, and has always adhered to the discipline construction concept of "serving the national strategy", "creating industry characteristics" and "interdisciplinary collaboration". The school focuses on cultivating multi-level art and design talents with good international vision, professional quality and professional ability, team spirit and social responsibility.

International Role

The School of Art and Design has established long-term exchange and cooperation relations with more than 30 well-known universities such as Purdue University in the United States, Cardiff University in the United Kingdom, Aalto Design Institute in Finland, Politecnico di Milano in Italy, Kyushu Universiin Japan, Seoul Nty ational University in South Korea, Konkuk University in South Korea, Hong Kong Polytechnic University in China, Taiwan University of the Arts in China, etc.

National Role

The School of Art and Design has successively been approved as the first design doctoral program and postdoctoral mobile station in central and southern China, the first master's program in industrial design engineering in China, and 5 national first-class professional construction sites, and is currently one of the most complete disciplines in China's design art talent training system, and has become the most important design art talent training and education base in the central region, and has made important breakthroughs in the intersection of disciplines with materials science, ship and ocean engineering, and automotive engineering, and has taken the lead in undertaking major national engineering projects.

Main Focus

The School of Art and Design since its establishment in 1987, has always adhered to the discipline construction concept of "serving the national strategy", "creating industry characteristics" and "interdisciplinary collaboration", supported by the distinctive industry characteristics and science and engineering background of our school, relying on the advantageous disciplines such as materials, transportation, and automobiles, and making full use of the advantageous resources of the "double first-class" key discipline construction.

Wuhan University of Technology is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education, one of the first batch of universities included in the national "211 Project" and "Double First-Class" construction, and a university jointly established by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Transport and other ministries and commissions. It is the largest school in the colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education to train talents for the three major industries of building materials and construction, transportation and automobiles, and is an important base for high-level talent training and scientific and technological innovation in China's "three major industries".

Faculties and Departments

Department of Product Design, Department of Environmental Design, Department of Animation, Department of Visual Communication Design, Department of Art and Design, Department of Information Art Design, Department of Industrial Design, School of Art and Design, Wuhan University of Technology

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor of Arts (Product Design); Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Design); Bachelor of Arts (Animation),; Bachelor of Arts (Visual Communication Design),;Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Design); Bachelor of Arts (Art Design)

Master Level Programs

Master Degree of Engineering(Industry Design Engineering);Master Degree of Arts(Fine Arts);Master Degree of Arts(Art and design);Master Degree of Arts(Academic Graduate in Art theory Academic);Master Degree of Arts(Academic Graduate in Fine Arts);Master Degree of Arts(Academic Graduate in Design)

Research Activity and Main Areas

The School of Art and Design has successively obtained 2 national excellent courses and national video open courses, 1 national first-class course, more than 20 national planning textbooks, more than 20 national, provincial and ministerial research projects, as well as national teaching teams, national talent training pilot areas, and provincial top-notch innovative talent training pilot projects. Over the past decades, it has cultivated dozens of discipline talents, including national young top-notch talents, and hundreds of industry leading talents, including the "Top Ten Outstanding Youths" in China's design industry, and its students have won more than 1,000 well-known design awards at home and abroad, including Red Dot, iF, IDEA, Red Star, China Design Intelligence Award, and China Good Design.

Doctorate Level Programs

Doctor Degree of Arts(Art Theory);Doctor Degree of Arts(Design Science)

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Environmental Art Design;Visual Communication Design;Industrial Design;Architecture and Interior Design;Digital Media Design

Application Deadlines

From February 1st to May 31th

Teaching Languages

English and Chinese

Semester Dates

Fall semester (September 1st  to next January 6th);Spring semester(February 26th to July 8th)

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Accommodation fee: € 245  per month;Cost of living: € 205 per month


Bachelor: 1166
Master: 531
Doctorate: 145

Exchange Students

Incoming: 5
Outgoing: 4
Others: 56

Teaching Staff

Professors: 24
Lectures: 83
Other permanent teachers: 67
Part-time Teachers: 12

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