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Wismar , Germany Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

The Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design – is a powerful, innovative, and recognized academic institution with a long tradition. The university defines itself as a medium-sized university that strives for a size that is adequate for research and development. With more than 70 accredited courses, the Wismar University offers a unique range of education and numerous networking options. Internationally oriented in cooperation and knowledge transfer, the university is also closely connected to the region and its actors at the interfaces between theory and practice.

The mission of the Wismar University is perfectly represented by the three faculties – Engineering, Economics, and Architecture and Design: Designed technology, paired with humanistic responsibility, and economic relevance form thus the core orientation of the university. The interplay and the collaboration of these three scientific focal areas has become a special trademark of Wismar University over time, which is clearly reflected in the teaching content of the individual courses and research activities. It represents a unique constellation whose positive effects characterize the innovative strength and future viability of this academic institution, located in the beautiful Hanseatic town of Wismar, high up in the North of Germany, at the border of the Baltic Sea.

International Role

Nowhere else do you learn more about yourself and your culture than in an environment with different ways of living and thinking. A stay abroad broadens the perspective and challenges everybody, at the same time as it promotes personal skills, language, and specialist knowledge, and not at least connections for life with people from all over the world. Intercultural know-how and multilingualism are a door opener in our global everyday world, not only in professional life. There are many approaches to a temporary life abroad. Studies, internships, the preparation of a thesis, specialist, or language courses – the Wismar University of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of opportunities based on a wide range of cooperation agreements with more than 120 colleges and universities worldwide to its students and lecturers. In both directions, of course – in and out.

In the Winter term 2016/2017, a total of 712 full-time students were enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Wismar University, including 142 international students from all over the world. This corresponds to a share of approx. 19 % of all full-time students. In addition, 30 exchange students (usually students enrolled at their home University and studying for one to two semesters as exchange at another University) came to our Faculty. Overall, the proportion of international students at our Faculty was 25 %. 12 % of full-time students came from China, 11.6 % from Iran, 8.5 % from indonesia and around 5 % from India and Turkey. In total, students from about 50 nations were represented in our Faculty

Please see even https://www.hs-wismar.de/vernetzung/kooperationen-partner/bestehende-kooperationen-partnerschaften/ for further details on exiting cooperation agreements with academic institutions all over the world. The International Office https://www.hs-wismar.de/en/international/counselling-services/international-office/  and the Robert Schmidt Institute https://www.hs-wismar.de/en/vernetzung/institutionen-hochschulunternehmen/rsi/international are specifically dedicated to support all form of international exchange and collaboration.

National Role

Through our recruitment activities, we strive for attracting the best talents, ideas and innovations and make them come together at the University of Wismar. Together with strong partners from private and public partnerships on a national level or within the region, we promote our talents systematically through creating contact points in practical education and research projects for the exchange of know-how, building a solid ground for their professional careers. And we warmly welcome representatives from national and regional sectors and from our hometown, from both private companies and public organisations, as a speaker in a course or conference, as a source of ideas for student development teams, as a training partner in dual studies or as a business partner in research projects. There are many opportunities to get involved. Please see even https://www.hs-wismar.de/vernetzung/kooperationen-partner/bestehende-kooperationen-partnerschaften/ for further details on our national and regional role and our partnerships.

Main Focus

Since merging the seven existing courses of study into one faculty in 2007, a holistic concept of composition, art, design and architecture has been created without relinquishing the autonomy and quality of the individual courses. One focus of the training course concerns the conceptual design and project work to be prepared by each student individually. The professors provide their support, advice and direction to the students in intensive fashion, including the possibility of one-to-one mentoring. To support the educational outcome, excellent workshops, open for all students, are covering all material areas and all levels of manufacturing, from crafts to digitalised production technologies.

An additional feature of the quality of the training course is the wide range of subjects in design, art, handicrafts and technology as well as scientific and academic disciplines. Many of the lectures offered in the various courses of study may be attended by students enrolled in other courses. As well as the possibility of studying subjects from many other disciplines, these interdisciplinary efforts are embodied in joint projects, the annual exhibition DIA, the Faculty Year Book as well as the series of lectures entitled DIAlog.

Faculties and Departments

The University of Applied Sciences in Wismar can look back on over one hundred years of history. Its unique three-pillared profile with the three faculties – Technology, Business and Architecture & Design – illustrates its main characteristic. Due to the many interdisciplinary projects and the cooperation occurring in teaching and research, these three pillars are closely linked with one another and produce special synergetic effects.

Teaching, learning, researching and manufacturing are not only represented at the university's main campus in Wismar, but also on other sites, e.g in Malchow on the island of Poel and in Rostock/Warnemünde. As a certified “family-friendly university”, many progressive measures to ensure the compatibility of studies and/or work with family for students or staff with children have been guaranteed. 

The University of Applied Sciences in Wismar sees itself as a modern teaching facility that features a competitive educational spectrum with an international orientation. In addition, the university is characterised through its development and use of contemporary as well as future-oriented teaching methods and technology, with competences stretching beyond the campus borders. 

As a practice-oriented institution, the balance between teaching content and its real-world implementation plays an essential roll. The university is dedicated to assisting its students to find their paths in life as well as supporting them on their entrance into the labour market, self-employment and other future plans.

More than half of the students are enrolled in distance education programmes, for which the university’s own Wismar International Graduation Services GmbH – WINGS is responsible.

Bachelor Level Programs

Design – Product and Jewellery, Bachelor's Degree Course; 3.5 yrs Bachelor full time

Interior Design – Bachelor's Degree Course; 3.5 yrs Bachelor full time

Architecture, Bachelor; 3 yrs Bachelor full time

Communication Design and Media – Diploma; 4 yrs full time

Master Level Programs

Architectural Lighting Design, Master; 2 yrs Master full time Postgraduate studies

Architecture, Master; 2 yrs Master full time Postgraduate studies

Architecture and Environment, Master´s degree via distance learning; Master full time distance studies Postgraduate studies

Interior Design, Master; 2 yrs Master full time Postgraduate studies

Lighting and Design Management – Master´s degree via distance learning; Master distance studies Postgraduate studies full time

Material Culture Design, Master; 1,5 yrs Master Postgraduate studies full time


Research Activity and Main Areas

In the Faculty of Architecture an Design, most research activities are ongoing in the study course of Architecture with main focus areas in topics as

– Everyday Architecture, Architectural Expression, Transformation

– Sustainability and Resilience in Architecture and Urban Development

– Sustainable and Natural Materials in Architecture; Circularity through Reuse of Materials

– New Construction in Architecture; Reginal Development

– Smart Building Technologies, Digitalisation in Architecture

In the study course of Architectural Lighting design, ongoing research is investigating the Interplay between Light and Health

In the study course in Communication and Media Design, there is research focused on Gender-based Violence in Media.

And as an interdisciplinary research collaboration between the study courses of Architecture, Interior Design, Communications Design and Media, Business Administration, and Civil Engineering, there are several Joint Action Projects ongoing in South and Northeast Africa.

Doctorate Level Programs

Application process ongoing for own promotion rights at the Wismar University. Current doktoral programs at the Faculty of Architecture and Design are executed in collaboration with Weimar University who has full promotion rights.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Depending on their learning agreement and the study program they are enrolled in, at the Faculty of Architecture and Design, exchange students are free to organize their course schedule choosing among a wide variety of courses in German and English, offered by the two international Masters programs Architecture and Lighting Design. These are published at the beginning of each semester on Wismar University's study platform stud.ip. Here are some examples:

  • Lighting Design & Daylight
  • Lighting Design & Technology II
  • Lighting Design & Sustainability II
  • Innovative Products at Light + Building
  • Lighting Science
  • Light, Material & Space
  • Light & Health
  • Conveying Light  
  • Mobile Architecture – The REH (Room ExtensionHall)
  • Interdisciplinary Project / Conversion
  • eco building with earth
  • CulturalAwareness Training
  • Green Building – Climate-neutral Architecture
  • "Future Living and Working – SteintorvorstadtRostock". Studierendenwettbewerb / StudentCompetition Hochschule Wismar
  • Design-Build-Project »Environmentalsciences learning space« Ibarra – Ecuador

Application Deadlines

15th of June for the winter term
30th of November for  the summer term

Teaching Languages

English and German

Semester Dates

Winter term: Sept. 1 – February 28
Summer term: March 1 – August 31

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Cuurently 812 €/month, will be raised to 934 €

The cost is calculated in accordance with the maximum of student loan provided from the Federal Government (Bafög). 


Bachelor: 5280
Master: 2336

Exchange Students

Incoming: 69
Outgoing: 25
Others: 94

Teaching Staff

Professors: 116
Lectures: 6
Other permanent teachers: 17
Part-time Teachers: 8

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