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Mission Statement

Windesheim is an institution for higher professional education, offering a comprehensive range of study programs. Windesheim is an innovative center of knowledge and expertise, challenging individuals and people in organizations to become professionals who: – are responsible, aware of and sensitive to essential human and social values, and self-conscious; – have knowledge and competences relevant to society – want to function at higher levels in professions and society – realize personal growth in connection with this ambition and – contribute to further development, improvement and innovations of companies, societal institutions and government organizations.



International Role

Windesheim University has partnerships with more than one hundred and twenty universities worldwide (see www.windesheim.nl). There is exchange of students, teachers and staff, curricula, project activities and also double degrees. Windesheim has been involved in the European Socrates Program for decades. The School of Engineering & Design, and Industrial Design Engineering in particular has close contacts amongst others with Howest University College West Flanders, Kortrijk, Belgium; Chongqing Technology & Business University, China; University of Southern Denmark; Jönköping University Sweden, FH Joanneum, Graz, Austria; Napier University, Edinburgh, Great Britain and École de Design Nantes Atlantique, France. There are also international contacts with companies for internships and graduation projects.

National Role

The Industrial Design Engineering course at Windesheim University of Applied Science is validated by BNO, Association of Dutch Designers. The School of Engineering & Design is very active in different platforms. We are active in the platform of all universities of applied sciences in The Netherlands (HBO Raad), active in the platform of bachelors in industrial design engineering (IPO), member of KIVI association of engineers, and associate with industrial organizations like NRK Federation of Plastic Industry, FDP Federation of Metal Sheet Forming Industry, etcetera. SED has over 400 warm relations with manufacturers, design offices and other organizations for internships and projects. Windesheim University initiated a regional project with other organizations in Zwolle to stimulate the creative industry.


Main Focus

Program of Industrial Product Design focusses on educating innovative and entrepreneurial product designers. Focus areas: design engineering and manufacturing, creation & realization, user interaction, visual communication, product management, business innovation and design thinking and -doing. Our philosophy is visible in the various project assignments for our students, strong relationships with many different companies and design agencies and a good (international) program.

Faculties and Departments

Engineering & Design is part of the Division of Engineering  and ICT at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences


Bachelor Level Programs

Program of Industrial Product Design: Bachelor of Science in 4 years

Master Level Programs

Not available

Research Activity and Main Areas

The Division of Engineering and ICT at Windesheim University of Applied Science holds fthree professorships: Robotics, ICT in Health Care and Polymer Science.

Doctorate Level Programs

Not available

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Business Studies, Management Studies, Engineering Studies, Teacher Training, Health Care, Social Work, Information Sciences, Communication, Journalism.


Application Deadlines

June 1st ( for autumn semester or full year); November 1st ( for spring semester)


Teaching Languages

Dutch, English

Semester Dates

Autumn semester: September  –  January ; Spring semester: January  – July.


Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Cost in total will be between € 800 and € 900. Housing will be around € 300, costs for living around € 600. Costs for study will be between € 100 and € 300 for material, literature,…. Tuition fees are seperately arranged between partners universities, mostly based on balanced exchange.


Bachelor: 300

Exchange Students

Incoming: 25
Outgoing: 10
Others: 30

Teaching Staff

Professors: 1
Lectures: 9
Part-time Teachers: 6

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