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Mission Statement

Vilnius College of Design is committed to educate and develop socially responsible, aspiring and highly skilled professional artists, competitive in international market. The academic community of Vilnius College of Design strives to foster creativity of the students as well as encourage them to develop their own style that blends their talents, technical skills and creative aspirations with professional knowledge. Moreover, the academic process stimulates critical and innovative thinking as well as incorporates entrepreneurial initiatives.

International Role

Vilnius College of Design actively participates in international educational and project–based programmes. The main strategic priorities are integration into the European educational processes, the mobility of students, lecturers and administrative staff, implementation of international projects and taking part in academic research activities in partnership with foreign higher education institutions. Vilnius College of design is a member of Erasmus academic mobility programme and has established partnership with universities and university colleges from Great Britain, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Latvia and Estonia. Furthermore, VCD implements several European Union Social Fund-financed projects: Internationalization and Upgrading of Design-related Study Programmes; and Study Efficiency Improvement at Vilnius College of Design. It also should be mentioned, that the institution is a participant of international Study Visit programme, coordinated by CEDEFOP (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) and was nominated to organize an international study visit Transition of Arts-related Students into the World of Work. Moreover, in cooperation with seven higher education institutions from Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Turkey and Latvia, VCD administrates ERASMUS IP project Micro Sustainable Design – Eco Friendly Products. What is more, VCD is a coordinating partner in Lithuania for international project Crossroutes 51°, financed by Gerhard Mercator foundation. The project activities unite 100 young artists from six cities in different countries: Portsmouth (United Kingdom), Calais (France), Perm (Russia), Gaziantep (Turkey) and Duisburg (Germany). Moreover, Vilnius College of Design is a partner of JOI.CON project (Joint Degree Management and Administration Network), aimed at training present and future coordinators of joint study programmes. The milestones of JOI.CON project is training and a joint programme simulation as well as two international conferences. It also should be noted that students of the college are frequent participants in various international creative workshops, exhibitions and are often winning awards at the international contests.

National Role

Vilnius College of Design is an active member of Lithuanian Association of non-Governmental Educational and Science Institutions, National Conference of College Directors of Lithuania, Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association, Lithuanian Business Employers’ Confederation and Fashion Association. The cooperation with social partners, associations of professional artists and business enterprises is a part of the educational strategy of Vilnius College of Design. The institution is responsive to the needs of changing society, labour market and maintains a close dialogue with employers. Vilnius College of Design integrates social partners and employers into the teaching and curriculum design processes as well as implements joint projects, creative workshops, community activities, etc. The partnership between Vilnius College of Design and industry helps students to acquire relevant professional competencies during the study process and allows enterprises to benefit from the qualified workforce. As an example of efficient collaboration with the employers, is a project “Student Integration in Today’s Labour Market”, carried out in cooperation with the largest textile and fashion companies in Lithuania.

Main Focus

The education at Vilnius College of Design combines the development of both artistic and practical skills and competences by applying advanced teaching methods, and leading to a professional bachelor degree, designed to be completed in three years. The study plan encompasses the following components: a) general education comprising transversal skills, such as communication, entrepreneurship and socio-cultural competences, aimed at imparting general knowledge and developing general intellectual capacities, b) The main study parts, referring to the common grounds in art education; and c) a special professional part related to the professional knowledge and comprising the highest number of credits. It also should be mentioned that education at Vilnius College of Design is built on the principles: student-centred learning, orientation towards results, inter-disciplinary curriculum, innovative methods of teaching, learning, etc.– with the purpose of professional integration of graduates into economic environment.

Faculties and Departments

Interior design department; Fashion design department; Graphic communication design department; Applied photography department; Performance acting department

Bachelor Level Programs

The following study programmes are delivered at Vilnius College of Design at a professional bachelor degree level, the duration of studies – 3 years: Interior Design; Fashion Design; Applied Photography; Graphic Communication Design; Perfmance acting

Master Level Programs

Vilnius College of Design does not provide study programmes at Master degree level.

Research Activity and Main Areas

The main research areas at Vilnius College of Design are as follows: a) fashion design: modern tendencies of fashion design, history of fashion design; ethhnographical Lithuanian heritage in context of nowadays, innovations of fashion design, Lithuanian folk clothes, formation of individual image, formation of commercial image; formation of experimental image, synthesis of arts: multicultural aspects of fashion design, educational methodology of fashion design, etc. b) interior design: national and European tendencies of interior design, specifications of design in soviet occupation period, cultural and architectural heritage, urban design, green (sustainable) design, green rebuilding design, educational methodology of fashion design, etc. c) applied photography: history, trends and aspects of modern and postmodern applied photography, tendencies of applied photography in context of developing visual arts; educational methodology of applied photography, etc. d) graphic design: role and aspects of graphic design in XXI century, forms and specifications of graphic design in information society, social models of users and graphic design, educational methodology of graphic design, etc.

Doctorate Level Programs

Vilnius College of Design does not provide study programmes at doctoral degree level.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Fashion Design;  Applied Photography; Interior design; Graphic Communication Design; Performance acting

Application Deadlines

Fall semester – June 15th

Spring semester – December 1st

Teaching Languages

Lithuanian and English

Semester Dates

Fall – September the 1st – January 31st

Spring – February 2nd – June 30th

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Around 750-900 Euros a month with accommodation and food included. 


Bachelor: 450

Exchange Students

Incoming: 60
Outgoing: 25

Teaching Staff

Professors: 14
Lectures: 61
Part-time Teachers: 5

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