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Mission Statement

To create the future of art, design, and architecture in Lithuania, and to educate those that create and research.

International Role

VAA has an extensive network of international partners under the Erasmus+ programme (more than 180 partners), Nordplus network as well as other bilateral agreements.

National Role

VAA is the only higher education institution of art and design in Lithuania.

Main Focus

Delivering BA, MA and PhD programmes in the areas of fine arts, media arts, design and architecture.

Faculties and Departments

Vilnius faculty campus (Vilnius), Kaunas faculty campus (Kaunas), Klaipėda faculty campus (Klaipėda) and Telšiai faculty campus (Telšiai).

Bachelor Level Programs

4 years BA in 4D Objects of Art, BA in Animation, BA in Architechture (integrated studies), BA in Artworks Restoration and Conservation, BA in Fine Arts and Curatorship, BA in Design, BA in Photography and Media Arts, BA in Graphic Art, BA in Applied Graphic Art, BA in Graphic Design, BA in Interior Design, BA in Sight-specific Art (Fresco-mosaic or Stained Glass), BA in Ceramics, BA in Fashion Design, BA in Metal Art and Jewelry, BA in Scenography, BA in Sculpture, BA in Painting, BA in Textile Art and Design, BA in Textile Art Media. 

Master Level Programs

2 years MA in Restoration of Art and Interior Heritage, MA in History and Theory of Arts, MA in Design, MA in Photography and Media Arts, MA in Graphic Art, MA in Graphic Design, MA in Sight-specific Art (Fresco-mosaic or Stained Glass), MA in Fashion Design, MA in Scenography, MA in Sculpture, MA in Glass Art and Design, MA in Applied Arts, MA in Applied Graphic Art, MA in Ceramics, MA in Painting, MA in Textile Art and Design, MA in Textile Art Media, MA in Visual Design, MA in Visual Communication Design. 

Research Activity and Main Areas

The Art Research Institute

Main research areas: history and theory of art, architecture and design.

Doctorate Level Programs

4 years PhD in Art Criticism, History and Theory, PhD in Design, PhD in Arts.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All available programmes.


Application Deadlines

May 15th for for the Autumn semester / whole academic year.

November 15th for the Spring semester.

Teaching Languages

Lithuanian, English.

Semester Dates

Fall semester: September – January;

Spring semester: February – June.

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Living expenses around 600-800 Euros per month.


Bachelor: 1135
Master: 306
Doctorate: 47

Exchange Students

Incoming: 80
Outgoing: 90
Others: 5

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