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UPES University

School of Design

Dehradun , India Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

  • Develop industry-focused professionals with an international outlook.
  • Foster effective outcome-based education system to continually improve teaching-learning and research.
  • Inculcate integrative thought process among students to instill lifelong learning.
  • Create global knowledge eco-system through training, research & development and consultancy.
  • Practice and promote high standards of professional ethics and develop harmonious relationship with environment and society.

International Role

Do provide Student exchange

Knowledge Sharing

Experience Sharing

Resource Sharing

Joint Research

National Role

Part of National Skill Development Corporation of India

Support Start ups and Entrepreneurs through Incubation opportunities. 




Main Focus

For School of Design

B.Des, M.Des and Ph.D level programs.

Focused on Tech Driven Design Innovation and Research. 

Faculties and Departments

School of Design

School of Engineering

School of Computer Science

School of Law

School of Business

School of Health Science

School of Modern Media

School of Life

Bachelor Level Programs

B.Des Product Design – 4 Years

B.Des Interior and Retail Space – 4 Years

B.Des Tranportation and Mobility – 4 Years

B.Des Animation and VFX  – 4 Years

B.Des Graphics and Communication Design – 4 Years

B.Des Game Design – 4 Years

B.Des Lifestyle and Accessory Design – 4 Years

B.Des Fashion Desin – 4 Years

B.Des User Experience and Interaction Design – 4 Years

Master Level Programs

M.Des Fashion Design – 2 Years

M.Des Transportation and Mobility Design – 2 Years

M.Des Product Design – 2 Years

M.Des Interaction Design – 2 Years

M.Des Graphics Design – 2 Years

All the above mentioned programs are offered as Inegrated Programs B.Des and M.Des together. 

Research Activity and Main Areas

For School of Design

Neuro Scientific Basis for Decision Making

Technology Driven Design

Sustainable Design

Public and Private Mobility Design

Agriculture Utility Design

Defense Application Design 

Set Design

Retail Space Design

Furniture Design

Low Cost High Quality Animations

Doctorate Level Programs

For School of Design

Ph.D in Industrial and Tranportaion Design 3-6 Years

Ph.D in Transportation Management 3-6 Years

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

For School of Design Alone

Product Design

Interior and Retail Space Design

Fashion Design

Transportation and Mobility Design

Animation and VFX

Graphics and Communication Design

Game Design

Lifetstyle and Accessory Design

User Interface and Communication Design

Application Deadlines

Due to Covid not Admitting the Students Now.

15th Jan – 31st April – For Fall Term

15th Sep – 31st Oct – For Spring Term

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Aug to December – Fall Term

Jan to May – Spring Term

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

1.62 $/day Meals (Approximate)

5.97$/day for Accommodation (Approximate)


Bachelor: 786
Master: 64
Doctorate: 6

Exchange Students

Incoming: 214
Outgoing: 269

Teaching Staff

Professors: 4
Other permanent teachers: 34
Part-time Teachers: 2

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