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Mission Statement

The name of Ladislav Sutnar is well-known all around the world.
Born in Pilsen, Sutnar came to prominence in Europe in
the interwar period and in the United States after the Second
World War. His life and work have remained a source
of inspiration in many different fields to this day. His work
is very diverse, flexibly adapting to contemporary requirements
and possibilities, and always aspiring to the higher
ideals of justice, social equality and the search for truth.
Be it in architecture, applied art, design, painting, graphic design or
visual communication, Sutnar always accepted the challenge.
His bold solutions were based on the use of surprisingly
intelligible principles, as well as on sophisticated
systems of information processing.
Sutnar’s approach to design and art has become part of the philosophy
of Sutnarka: Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and
Art of the University of West Bohemia.

International Role

Sutnarka is a part of Erasmus+ scheme and runs the bilateral cooperation with individual art schools and universities in Europe and worldwide. It facilitates the student and faculty mobility with more than 40 partner institutions. The faculty organizes international workshops, symposiums and exhibitions, on regular and irregular basis.  Sutnarka organizes ArtCamp, an international summer school of art that hosts a number of exceptional teachers from different countries every year and that has already been attended by approximately 5,000 participants, including hundreds of international students. Moreover, the Faculty invites teachers from renowned international institutions to give classes as part of its regular curriculum. Sutnarka is a member of ELIA.

National Role

The Faculty is an integral part of the University of West Bohemia,
offering to its students unique opportunities to cooperate
with other faculties; be it technical faculties or humanities,
as well as with research centres in the field of future
mobility, integrated solutions, energy and hybrid systems –
biology, cybernetics, material science.
The Faculty searches for interconnected, intelligent, sustainable
and efficient solutions for our society and its needs in the
21st century. It embraces new trends and applies art and
design in the development and use of new technologies.

Main Focus

The SUTNARKA’s future is represented by its visions that are gradually becoming reality:
a)    Excellent teachers – excellent graduates;
b)    Interdisciplinary cooperation;
c)    Pre-incubation and spin-off activities.

Faculties and Departments

The Faculty’s main driving force are its teachers and students, who meet in the individual studios. That is where the students become specialists in their respective fields. The studios are grouped into programs to foster the studios’ cooperation on more complex projects. As part of theirs studies, the students may spend a year in another studio than they are enrolled in. The Bachelor's Degree Study Program takes 4 years, the following Master’s Program 2 years, the Doctoral Study Program takes 3 years.

Bachelor Level Programs

Audio-vision Program (BA, 4 years)
•    Animation
•    Interactive Design
•    Media Illustration
•    Multimedia
•    Photography

Design and Applied Art Program (BA, 4 years)
•    Design Modelling

•    Environmental Design for Architecture
•    Furniture and Interior Design
•    Fashion Design
•    Ceramic Design
•    Product Design
•    Industrial Design

Graphic Design and Illustration Program (BA, 4 years)
•    Graphic Design and Digital Media
•    Graphic Design and Visual Communication
•    Books and Paper Forming
•    Didactic Illustration
•    Comics and Children Illustration

Visual Arts Program (BA, 4 years)
•    Graphics
•    Metal and Jewellery
•    Painting
•    New Media
•    Sculpture and Space

Master Level Programs

Audio-vision Program (MA, 2 years)
•    Animation
•    Interactive Design
•    Media Illustration
•    Multimedia
•    Photography

Design and Applied Art Program (MA, 2 years)
•    Furniture and Interior Design
•    Fashion Design
•    Ceramic Design
•    Product Design
•    Industrial Design

Graphic Design and Illustration Program (MA, 2 years)
•    Graphic Design and Digital Media
•    Graphic Design and Visual Communication
•    Didactic Illustration
•    Comics and Children Illustration

Visual Arts Program (MA, 2 years)
•    Graphics
•    Metal and Jewellery
•    Painting
•    New Media
•    Sculpture and Space

Research Activity and Main Areas

In the field of research and development, the Sutnar faculty focuses primarily on design, efficiently merging polytechnical disciplines of mathematics, natural, environmental and social sciences with art and aesthetics. Visual criticism and collaborative/participatory art (culture jamming, subvertising, performance, social experiments) form a secondary field of artistic research, where art converges with action research and critical research. The creative activities of all study programs deal with three major topics:   



Integrated Design

Doctorate Level Programs

Doctoral full-time study programme – Ph.D.: Interdisciplinary Research Through Visual Arts

The standard duration of doctoral studies is 3 years.
The programme is accredited and taught in Czech language.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Students from abroad who come to Sutnarka can take courses in
the fields of product, industrial, graphic and interior design
with many interdisciplinary projects, as well as various
visual arts courses. The curriculum can be individually
adjusted to suit the needs of the applicant.

Application Deadlines

winter semester:  May 15 / May 1 (visa applicants)

summer semester:  November 30 / November 1 (visa applicants)

Teaching Languages

Czech / English, some teachers speak German

Semester Dates

winter semester: 3rd week September – 1st week February

summer semestr: 2nd week February – mid May; followed by exam period mid May – June.

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

8 000 – 10 000 CZK per month, including accommodation


Bachelor: 470
Master: 226
Doctorate: 20

Exchange Students

Incoming: 30
Outgoing: 60

Teaching Staff

Professors: 19
Lectures: 36

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