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Mission Statement

To meet global challenges by design, to drive social transformation by innovation.

International Role

CCAD attaches great importance to exchange and cooperation with its counterparts at home and abroad. CCAD has conducted frequent academic exchange and cooperation with foreign renowned printing, publishing, art and animation schools of such universities as Rochester Institute of Technology (USA), College of Humanities of Otterbein University (USA), Moscow State University of Printing Arts (Russia), University of the Fraser Valley (Canada), University of Boras (Sweden), Coventry University (UK), London College of Media and Arts (UK), University of Central Lancashire (UK), Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Ecole intuit.lab (Paris), Edith Cowan University (Australia),Académie Charpentier, Accademia di Belle Arti Lorenzo da Viterbo, Birmingham City University and Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand). CCAD has also jointly created 2+2 and 3+1+2 undergraduate international cooperation programs with Edith Cowan University (Australia), Ecole de design de Nantes-Atlantiqu and Rochester Institute of Technology (USA).v

National Role

College of Communication and Art Design is a multidisciplinary college with the  integration of industry, literature and art, jointly built by the State Press and Publication Administration and Shanghai Municipal Government, with Liu Binjie, the former Director General of the State Press and Publication Administration, as the honorary president of the college. Since the founding of the industrial design program in 1999, it has formed a perfect education system for undergraduate and graduate students, and has cultivated and transported a large number of excellent professionals for the society. The college has significant advantages and characteristics in the research fields of multi-dimensional visual design mediated by publications, design of urban and rural habitat in a broad sense and smart, intelligent travel and health design. Facing national strategies and key areas, the college has produced a series of original achievements with social influence. After years of development, the college has become an important talent training and R&D service base for Shanghai's cultural and creative industry, publishing and printing industry.

Main Focus

Adhering to the principle that art, science and technology complement each other, promote each other and complement each other, College of Communication and Art Design has formed a mode of education that integrates engineering, literature and art, closely combines creative concepts, art design and engineering technology, faces the frontiers of the development of art and design and the major needs of the national and local economic and cultural construction, and bases itself on creative transformation and innovative development of the excellent traditional Chinese culture, with a global perspective. By facing real-world problems and launching actions based on real sites, students can truly take root in the society, understand the society and serve the society.

Bachelor Level Programs


.BA in Editing and publishing, 4 years

.BA in Advertising, 4 years

.BA in New media technology

· BA in Packaging engineering (including two fields): packaging technology; packaging equipment, 4 years

.BA in Industrial design, 4 years

.BA in Product design, 4 years

.BA in Environmental design (including two fields): environmental design; public art, 4 years

.BA in Visual communication design (including two fields): visual communication design; printing art design, 4 years

.BA in Animation, 4 years

Master Level Programs

Master of Journalism and communication,2.5 years

Master of Digital publishing and communication,2.5 years

Master of Design,2.5 years

Master of Journalism and communication (professional degree),3 years

Master of publishing (professional degree),3 years

Master of Computer Science (professional degree),3 years

Master of Mechanical engineering(professional degree),3 years

Master of Design (professional degree),3 years

Research Activity and Main Areas

College of Cummunication and Art Design integrates design into a cross-disciplinary paradigm, exploring the responsibility and mission of design in social innovation and broader social change, and focusing on critical thinking about social issues, with research themes and fields covering urban and rural space and regional culture, digital media and visual culture, intelligent interaction and service innovation.


Research on Urban and Rural Space and Regional Culture: Combined with the major issues in the fields of urban and rural habitat, smart city, organic renewal of built environment, and construction of ecological civilization, this program conducts cutting-edge theoretical research in design based on the dual cross vision of humanities and nature, art and science, and with the help of advanced technical means such as big data and artificial intelligence. Focusing on traditional regional culture archetype cognition and design semantic theory, urban and rural landscape regional characteristics protection and diversity vitality regeneration theory, future rural design theory, environmental space visual imagery, ecological restoration and architectural applicability, as well as people and healthy environment and other hot issues to form a multi-dimensional research direction.


Digital Media and Visual Culture Research: Focusing on the fields of cross-media and new media design and technology application and innovation of publications and brands, we focus on exploratory research on visual language, and explore the integration of digitalization and all-media in the scope and basis of traditional art forms. A multi-dimensional professional research direction is formed around the research hotspots in the fields of vision and expression, cognition and social relations, design aesthetics, design semiotics, digital media communication, interactive art research on media convergence, new media animation art, digital media art design, and development of new cultural creations.


Intelligent Interaction and Service Innovation: Focusing on the three research fields of intelligent travel design, intelligent health design and intelligent life product design, based on the national key development industries of advanced manufacturing, and based on the disciplinary clusters of system science, computer interaction, complex human factors engineering, and biomedical engineering, we will carry out cross-innovation research oriented to the three major themes of intelligent scenarios and human-computer collaboration, intelligent eco-systems and service systems, and health design and rehabilitation and medical treatment, so as to serve the industry-academia cooperation and the high-quality development of local industries.



Bachelor: 2372
Master: 484

Exchange Students

Outgoing: 28

Teaching Staff

Professors: 74
Lectures: 93

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