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Mission Statement

With expertise in disciplines as broad as Fine Art and Construction Management, 3D Design and Media Arts, the School of Art, Design and Architecture is a dynamic and supportive community of about 100 academic staff.
We work in partnership with over 1,500 students each year, and together we play an important role in shaping the future of the global cultural and creative industries and the built environment.
We offer high-quality, student-centred undergraduate degrees, postgraduate programmes, research opportunities and live work experience, through which we help you to develop and realise your ambitions. We value both traditional and cutting-edge practices and we encourage you to explore and take risks, and to continuously push both personal and artistic boundaries.

We recognise that the big global challenges we face will be solved by talented interdisciplinary teams and not individuals. Our staff and students – in addition to the considerable contributions they make to their own disciplines – demonstrate the value that their creative practice can bring to interdisciplinary collaborations across areas including health and wellbeing, social and community welfare, and new modes of manufacturing and building.
We understand the importance of a globalised education and value open-mindedness and the ability to understand and operate internationally.
Our students, lecturers and researchers come from all over the world, from Europe to India, Scandinavia to China, Australia to Japan, Africa to the Americas, and of course the UK. We offer a contemporary, exciting working environment in the heart of one of the most beautiful regions in the country. We want our staff students to be challenged by, and offer solutions to, real-world problems, to be rewarded by winning and creating the best jobs, and to enjoy studying in a collegial, professional environment.

International Role

The School of ADA is a very keen advocate of the international role of education and research, fully committed to create an international, inclusive and diverse environment. It has been involved over the years in many partnerships in various country (China, Malaysia, Brazil, Colombia, India, Japan and most of the other European Countries) 

Very valuable and deep cooperation are now established in China at all level of education in particular with Nanjing University of the Arts (NUA) Jiangnan University among the other.
More specifically ADA has developed and currently delivers a very popular Joint Programme approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education in Game Design with NUA in Nanjing and Plymouth.
Also ADA has created a intercultural co-tutored interdisciplinary PhD Programme, CODEX, specifically designed for the Chinese academic and research context. CODEX is also a network of research centres that contribute to the supervision and doctoral training at this stage in time three major Art, Design and Architecture Chinese Universities are part of the network: NUA, Jiangnan and Soochow. 

Other international activities include staff and student exchange, student mobility (Erasmus and free movers), reciprocal Summer School and Articulation Agreements for Undergraduate and Master Progressions with an extended number of Institutional Partners around the Globe. 

National Role

The ADA and University is the accountable body for Plymouth Horizon, a game-changing £1m programme of activity, supported by Arts Council England Ambition for Excellence funding, which aims to place the city firmly as a leading cultural destination and developing major international festival expertise in the lead up to Mayflower 400 and the opening of the £42 million History Centre in 2020. Horizon is an ambitious, two-year visual arts programme which will deliver four major arts festivals and events, skills and talent development for artists and producers, and will allow communities to commission visual art.

The ADA and University is a partner in the South West Creative Technology Network (SWCTN), a £6.5m project, supported by Research England’s Connecting Capabilities Fund, designed to drive the growth of the regional creative economy by bringing together universities and industrial partners; pooling their research and innovation expertise to develop cutting-edge practices, techniques and products in creative digital technologies.

The ADA and University is a key delivery partner in Cultivator Business Support, a £2m project, supported by Arts Council England’s Creative Local Growth Fund, Cornwall Council and the European Regional Development Fund, designed to provide tailored business support to the Creative Industries throughout Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly.

Main Focus

The ADA main foucs is in delivering highly innovative programme at all level of Edication UG, PGT and PGR. 

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

  • Plymouth Institute of Education
  • School of Art, Design and Architecture
  • School of Humanities and Performing Arts

Bachelor Level Programs

BA (Hons) 3D Design (Full-time)

BSc (Hons) Architectural Engineering (Full-time)

BA (Hons) Architecture (Full-time)

MArch Architecture (Full-time)

BSc (Hons) Building Surveying and the Environment (Full-time)

BSc (Hons) Construction Management and the Environment (Full-time)

BA (Hons) Digital Design Innovation (Full-time)

BSc (Hons) Digital Design Innovation (Full-time)

BA (Hons) Digital Media Design (Full-time)

BSc (Hons) Digital Media Design (Full-time)

BA (Hons) Documentary Photography (Full-time)

BA (Hons) Film & Television Production (Full-time)

BA (Hons) Fine Art (Full-time)

BA (Hons) Game Arts and Design (Full-time)

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication with Typography (Full-time)

BA (Hons) Illustration (Full-time)

BA (Hons) Immersive Media (Full-time)

BA (Hons) Internet Design (Full-time)

BSc (Hons) Internet Design (Full-time)

BA (Hons) Media Arts (Full-time)

BA (Hons) Photography (Full-time)

BA (Hons) Publishing (Full-time)

BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying (Full-time)

Master Level Programs

MA Architecture (Full-time)

MA Contemporary Art Practice (Part-time)

MA Design (Full-time, Part-time route available)

MRes Digital Art and Technology (Full-time, Part-time route available)

MSc High Performance Buildings (Full-time, Part-time route available)

MA Publishing (Full-time, Part-time route available)

MA Publishing (Part-time)

MA Smart Urban Futures (Full-time, Part-time route available)

MA Smart Urban Futures (Part-time)

Research Activity and Main Areas

The School of Art, Design and Architecture offers rich interdisciplinary environment for research. Organised through a generative framework supporting a diverse community of researchers and research clusters exploiting synergies and exploring new methodologies for future research. The School values an inclusive research environment. It embraces interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to art, design and architectural practice. The research dialogue involves our community of research students and informs our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching portfolio. Our research staff are active practitioners and established academics within their fields. Between them they have secured a wealth of successful AHRC, EPSRC, and British Academy research grants, as well as Horizon2020 and other EU funded projects. The current School research income is around £2 million with an active engagement with applications to Industry and entrepreneurship. There is a significant publishing activity with staff editing journals and publications such as Leonardo Reviews, Message, Ubiquity – The International Journal of Pervasive Media.

Plymouth is ranked 33 on Unit 16 (Architecture, Built Environment and Planning), and we are ranked 42 for Unit 34 (Art & Design; History Practice and Theory) in the Research Excellence Framework 2014.

Doctorate Level Programs

MPhil/PhD Architecture (Full-time, Part-time route available)

MPhil/PhD Art & Media (Full-time, Part-time route available)

ResM Art, Design and Architecture (Full-time, Part-time route available)

MPhil/PhD Built Environment (Full-time, Part-time route available)

MPhil/PhD Codex (Full-time)

MPhil/PhD Transtechnology Research (Full-time, Part-time route available)

Teaching Languages



Bachelor: 18423
Master: 2247
Doctorate: 610

Teaching Staff

Professors: 311
Lectures: 573
Other permanent teachers: 859
Part-time Teachers: 277

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