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Mission Statement

Since the professional outcomes of a design education is so wide and not so predictable in our part of the world, our programs stresses on some core and transversal competencies necessary for strategic tasks. In a way, we are very method oriented. We do emphasize on a good capacity to synthetize problems and to embrace the user's point of vue on the world. Visitors of our annual students projects exhibition are usually impressed by the variety of what they see, ranging from surgical equipment to museographic program, from bikes for disabled to special didactic tools, etc. We are also very keen on promoting a tight integration of the reflexive and the active phases of the design act.

International Role

For the past 25 years, we have established links with more than thirty international partners in Europe, but also Central and South-America, North-Africa and Oceania. We do continue to promote students exchanges with most of our partners, welcoming nearly 20 foreign students every years in our different programs. We also organize special seminars and workshops, encouraging the transfer of knowledge between teachers.

National Role

Quebec's community of teachers and researchers in design is not a very large one. Relations between our colleagues of UQAM and Concordia University are frequent and casual. Hopefully, the inauguration of the Canadian Design Research Network, in which we participate, will help us tie new partnerships with our canadian counterparts. Quebec's small and big businesses never hesitate to submit particular problems to the School who can than propose them as a theme for a workshop.

Main Focus

For years, the School of design has been dedicated to the education of professional designers needed by Quebec's big and small businesses. Its undergraduate programs remains well renowned in this industrial world where students who graduated now performs transport and leisure equipment design, exhibition and signage design, web, furniture, interior, fashion and graphic design. They can as well achieve environmental assessment and management of innovation. Apart from this professional mission, the School has always been sensible to a reinvention of the practice. This now translate in an emphasis put into graduate studies and fundamental research. The School has the advantage of a long historical rooting into the disciplines of the university.

Faculties and Departments

School of design

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor of industrial design (4 years) Bachelor of interior design (3 years)

Master Level Programs

  • Master of applied sciences in Design & complexity (2 years)
  • Diploma of specialized further studies (DESS) in video game design (1 year)
  • Diploma of specialized further studies (DESS) in strategic eco-design (1 year)

Research Activity and Main Areas

We host several research groups, although a lot of our researches are done outside these groups. One of our important research unit is the Laboratoire d'éco-conception which is a part of a larger group cofounded by University of Montreal, HEC Montreal (Business school) and Politechnique Montreal (School of engineers). This group, the CIRAIG, focuses on environmental assesments and on life cycle analyses. Another of our research group, the Formlab, studies the varied impacts and outcomes of the technological changes brought by rapid prototyping devices. The work done within the GRET covers all the questions related to the design of work environments. The GRADIENT is dedicated to the study of the user experience with electronic devices. The group Design ∩ Society explore all human, social and strategic aspects of design. Apart of those units, individual research interests span from the development of real-time immersive 3d sketching device, to the reflection on the ethical dimension of the design act and from the political grounding of design to the esthetic of serialized and normalized objects.

Doctorate Level Programs

  • Ph. D. in environmental design

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

  • Industrial design
  • Interior design
  • Theoretical research

Application Deadlines

1st may

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

  • Fall semester : 1st september to 24th december
  • Winter semester : 5th january to 1st may

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

The tuition fees vary according to citizenship. For Canadian and foreign residents, these fees amount to 1200$ cdn (815 euro) per semester. Students visiting from bilateral partners pays tuition at their home establishment. The cost of living in Montreal amount to 1000$ cdn (675 euro) per month.


Bachelor: 400
Master: 20
Doctorate: 5

Exchange Students

Incoming: 20
Outgoing: 25

Teaching Staff

Professors: 14
Part-time Teachers: 25

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