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University of Florence

Department of Architecture - degree courses in Industrial Design; Design; Fashion system design

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Mission Statement

The Department of Architecture is providing a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design (three years), two Master degrees (two years) in "Design" and in “Fashion Design system", a PHD curriculum in “Design” within the “Architectural Design” PHD program. 

The degree courses in Design of the University of Florence are located in Design Campus in 

Calenzano (FI) where are located four Research Laboratories (Sustainable Design Lab, 

Ergonomics & Design Lab, Reverse Engineering & Interaction Lab, Design and Architecture 

Video) and the Design Modeling Lab providing services to students and companies. The Design 

Campus is hosting 30 professors and lecturers, 12 of whom in Industrial Design, 10 professors of the Architecture area, 4 professors in engineering, 2 professors from the area of the humanities, 2 professors of social sciences, 2 professors of mathematics and in addition about 10 contract professors. 

The Programs in Design at University of Florence keep consolidated relations with the companies in Tuscany and in Italy, participating in educational activities and developing research and design activities with the research laboratories on Campus. 

International Role

The design programs at Florence University developed extensive international relations with universities in the world, among which are Germany, Holland, UK, China, Morocco and Brazil. 

National Role

The design programs of University of Florence are in high demand at national level, with students from all italian regions.

The bachelor degree in industrial design has a maximum number of registrations of 200 places each year, with over 500 applications.


Main Focus

product, interior, communication, fashion design

Faculties and Departments


bachelor degrees:

Product, interior, communication, eco-social design (ex Disegno industriale/Industrial design) (3 years)

Design tessile e moda/Textile and fashion design

Pianificazione della città, del territorio e del paesaggio/Planning of the City, the Territory and the Landscape

Scienze dell'architettura/Science of architecture

Master courses:


Design del sistema moda/Fashion System Design

Progettazione dell'architettura/Architectural Design

Architettura del paesaggio/Landscape architecture

Pianificazione e progettazione della città e del territorio/Planning and Design of the City and the Territory

five years course:



Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor degree in Product, interior, communication, eco-social design (ex Industrial design) (3 years)

all informations on the website



Bachelor deglee in Design tessile e moda/Textile and fashion design (3 years)

all informations on the website


Master Level Programs

Master degree in Design (2 years)

all informations on the website



Master degree in Fashion sistem design (2 years)

all informations on the website


Research Activity and Main Areas

Transversal themes are:

Human-Centred Design/User Experience
Design for sustainability
Service design
Inclusive design
Design and craftsmanship

Fields of application are:

Urban furniture and design for public space
Communication and web design
Fashion system design
Car design
Design for health
Design for elderly
Design for sport and wellness

Doctorate Level Programs

Sostenibilità e innovazione per il progetto dell'ambiente costruito e del sistema prodotto/Sustainability and innovation for the design of built environment and system product (3 years)

all informations on the website



Subject Areas for Exchange Students

product, interior, communication, fashion design

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

firs semester: from 20-09 to 20-12

second semester: from 1-03 to 31-05

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

800-1000 Euro per month


Bachelor: 1170
Master: 250
Doctorate: 9

Exchange Students

Incoming: 10
Outgoing: 10

Teaching Staff

Professors: 24
Lectures: 6
Part-time Teachers: 10

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