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Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh

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Mission Statement

Edinburgh College of Art aims to foster an ever richer environment for teaching and research that makes significant and transformative contributions to the major problematics, institutions, and discourses of architecture, art & design history, theory and practice, music and the creative industries. In achieving this, we aim to contribute to the continued advancement of Edinburgh as a global leader for culture, innovation and technology.

International Role

University of Edinburgh is one of the leading research and teaching Universities in the world with strong and active British, European and International Collaborations.

National Role

Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh are strategically positioned to support and make government and regional policy.

Main Focus

To enable students and graduates to understand, prepare for and influence the rapidly shifting and multi-faceted cultures of the creative and visual arts, both through diversified methods of production and communication, and through trans-disciplinary approaches to study.

Faculties and Departments

School of Art:- Fine Art; Contemporary Art Practice; Contemporary Art Theory; Sculpture; Painting; Photography; Intermedia.

School of Design:- Animation; Design for Change; Design Informatics; Fashion; Film & Television; Glass; Graphic Design; Illustration; Interior Design; Jewellery & Silversmithing; Performance Costume; Product Design; Textiles.

Bachelor Level Programs

School of Art:- MA (Hons) Fine Art; BA (Hons) Sculpture; BA (Hons) Painting; BA (Hons) Photography; BA (Hons) Intermedia.

School of Design:- BA (Hons) Animation; BA (Hons) Fashion; BA (Hons) Film & Television; BA (Hons) Graphic Design; BA (Hons) Illustration; BA (Hons) Interior Design; BA (Hons) Jewellery & Silversmithing; BA (Hons) Performance Costume; BA (Hons) Product Design; BA (Hons) Textiles.

Master Level Programs

School of Art:- MA Contemporary Art Practice; MA Contemporary Theory

School of Design:- MA Design for Change; MA/MFA Design Informatics; MA Film Directing; MA Graphic Design; MA Illustration; MA Interior, Architectural and Spatial Design. Alongside our current programmes the School of Design is also actively developing a suite of new postgraduate programmes focusing on interdisciplinarity and international collaboration.

Research Activity and Main Areas

The Schools of Art and Design are comprised of the following research institutes, groups and networks:

Institute for Design Informatics; Scottish Documentary Institute; AI Ethics & Society; Animation Research Network Scotland; Art & Learning; Atelier: Creative Arts and the Social Sciences Network; Beauty by Design; Critical Change; Design & Screen Cultures Research group; Futurity/Society/Action; Lines (Designing Stories); RAFT; SEXES; Women in Sound Women on Sound.

Doctorate Level Programs

School of Art:- PhD/MPhil Art (Sculpture, Painting, Photography, Intermedia)

School of Design:- PhD/MPhil Design (Animation; Design for Change; Design Informatics; Fashion; Film & Television; Glass; Graphic Design; Illustration; Interior Design; Jewellery & Silversmithing; Performance Costume; Product Design; Textiles)

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All Art & Design areas.

Application Deadlines

Semester 1: 1st July

Semester 2: 1st November

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Semester 1: September – January

Semester 2: January – end of May

Semester 3: June – September

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

£600-£1000 per month (500 Euros – 832 Euros)


Bachelor: 1076
Master: 242
Doctorate: 44

Teaching Staff

Professors: 9
Lectures: 64
Other permanent teachers: 43
Part-time Teachers: 70

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