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Jeddah College of Advertising

Jeddah , Saudi Arabia Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

JCA mission is to prepare talented graduates to become leading advertising communication professionals in the business environments through high-quality practical education and Research aligned with national and international standards serving the needs of the industry and the community.

International Role

We are joining Cumulus to learn from the others and bringing our excellence to serve the members of the associations. We aim at creating bilateral partnerships with the members of the association. Saudi-Arabian presence in Cumulus will serve the development of education and research, linkages with business, industry and other stakeholders on global scale guaranteed.

National Role

The university is active with business, industry and various other stakeholders in the whole country and serves well the region of the country.

Main Focus

Jeddah College of Advertising (JCA) is the third college to be established at the University of Business and Technology (UBT). JCA works within the general objectives of the university: “Education for Job Opportunity”. The college existed as a result of the fruitful collaboration and affiliation between Buckinghamshire New University in the United Kingdom at UBT. The general purpose of JCA is to provide students in Saudi Arabia and the surrounding countries with the opportunity to study advertising and its related fields in international programs that focus on hands-on applications and training rather than only theoretical study. Although the study programs in JCA are equivalent to those being taught in the best universities in the UK, they have been scientifically modified to accommodate the Saudi Education System.

Faculties and Departments

Jeddah College of Advertising:

·         Advertising Creative Design Department

·         Advertising Communication Department

·         Advertising Management Department

Bachelor Level Programs

·         Bachelor of Advertising Creative Design

·         Bachelor of Advertising Communication

·         Bachelor of Advertising Management

Master Level Programs

·       MSC in Strategic Advertising

Research Activity and Main Areas





Advertising Management



Doctorate Level Programs

·       NON

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Design, Advertising, Communication

Application Deadlines


Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

·         Fall semester: end of August – end of December.

·         Spring semester: mid of January – mid of May

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)



Bachelor: 400
Master: 10
Doctorate: NA

Exchange Students

Incoming: NA
Outgoing: NA
Others: NA

Teaching Staff

Professors: 9
Lectures: 8
Other permanent teachers: 1
Part-time Teachers: 1

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