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University of Belgrade

Faculty of Forestry, Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture

Serbia Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Belgrade is to provide superior education and exceptional knowledge to its students, not only in terms of their intellectual growth and development, but also in terms of growth and development of their human qualities and ethical values, and inspiring their wish and inclination to be leaders; moving the boundaries of knowledge and higher education, promoting intellectual surroundings which cherishes and honors true values, respect and accepting people’s differences and devotion to knowledge, development and human values.

Devoted to studying, education, progress and prosperity, the University of Belgrade strives to set the strongest standards in higher education, to cherish and encourage intellectual and personal growth and to stimulate meaningful work and effort which serve to the well-being of the entire society.

International Role

As an institution committed to national and international cooperation, the University of Belgrade maintains a wide variety of relations with cultural, scientific, and higher education institutions around the globe, promoting academic and student mobility, joint projects and study programs.

The University of Belgrade has been continuously involved in international cooperation for more than 70 years, even despite the turbulent 90’s in the Western Balkans Region. Throughout its history, the University of Belgrade has aimed at establishing, nurturing and developing cooperation with numerous other universities, both in the country and abroad, as well as other international organizations that are engaged in the higher education field.

National Role

The University of Belgrade has been recognized by the Serbian Government and the society as the University of national significance, as the oldest and the most prominent university in the country and the region of the Western Balkans.

Doctorate Level Programs



Subject Areas for Exchange Students


Application Deadlines

Nomination deadline

Semester 1 and full year: April 1st (bilateral agreements)/April 30th (Erasmus+ applicants)

Semester 2: October 15th (bilateral agreements)/ October 25th (Erasmus+ applicants)

Application deadline

Semester 1 and full year: May 1st (bilateral agreements) /May 31st (Erasmus+ applicants)

Semester 2: November 1st (exchange students) /November 15th(Erasmus+ applicants)

Teaching Languages

Serbian, English

Semester Dates

Lecture periods

First term (winter term)

October 1st

January 15th

Exam period – January 15th – February 15th

Second term (summer term)

February 15th

May 31st

Exam periods – June 1st  – September 30th

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)



Bachelor: 61.508
Master: 23.417
Doctorate: 6.702

Exchange Students

Incoming: 250
Outgoing: 400
Others: 4.311

Teaching Staff

Professors: 5.606

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