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Technical University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt

Faculty of Design

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Mission Statement

Today information and communication designers are interpreters – supported by different media. Economic, cultural and administrative acts are triggered by complex symbolic communication media. Communication design converts data into information which enables people to meaningful usage. Information can produce knowledge.

International Role

For many years, we've had a lively cooperation and exchange with partner institutions worldwide. At the best of times, almost 30% of an annual student intake spent at least one semester in a foreign country. The faculty organises special project weeks to enable teaching staff exchange. A considerable proportion of staff has been teaching abroad for more than a semester. In more general terms, interdisciplinary and intercultural aspects are essential to the faculty.

National Role

The faculty underwent a restructuring aiming a few years ago at a) a three-layered study system (Bachelor – Master – Institute); b) greater interdisciplinary areas of study (collaboration with scientific institutes and universities); c) combining theoretical reflection with technical/media competency; d)fostering strong links to industry and business

Main Focus

Studying at the THWS is based on the requirements of modern communication practice, in which the disciplines are increasingly networking.
Designers also need the ability to recognize, to anticipate, to reflect and to design solutions. It is important to consider the past, present and future of our society in the context of design theoretically and philosophically. At THWS we train the recognition of relevant topics and future developments.

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Design with seven major fields of studies

Bachelor Level Programs

B.A. in Communication Design (7 Semesters)

Master Level Programs

M.A. in Design and Information (3 Semesters)

Research Activity and Main Areas

During the studies, we combine design and research with the aim of further developing the classic design process in a dialogue between theory and practice. We understand research as a process of reflection, visualization and elucidation of complex facts – and also as a method for developing a better design result.
For us at THWS questions from theory and science are not only an inevitable, accompanying necessity: they are part of an integrative analysis of a project. They help to build an extensive, critical and scientific argumentation.

Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Graphic-Design, Photography, Typography, Film/Animation, Interactive Media, Illustration, Spatial Communication, Object Design – in all combinations possible

Application Deadlines

5 weeks before the start of semester

Teaching Languages

German teacher contact in English available. Some courses taught in English.

Semester Dates

15 March – 31 July and 1 October – 15 February

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

approx 700 Euros


Bachelor: 324
Master: 41

Exchange Students

Incoming: around 12
Outgoing: around 16
Others: 21

Teaching Staff

Professors: 10
Other permanent teachers: 2
Part-time Teachers: 15-20

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