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Mission Statement

The mission of the study programs Industrial Design (B.A.) and Media & Interaction Design (B.A.) is to inspire and empower the students to develop their individual talents and strengths as they prepare for their future roles within the next generation. We seek to produce highly employable designers who responsibly shape the future of products and digital services in a dynamic, diverse and global world.

We enable students to practically implement design solutions and encourage them to deepen their knowledge and comprehension of the history and theory of design. We foster a creative and collaborative learning environment where students work together in interdisciplinary projects and we leave space for experiments, innovation and unexpected findings.


International Role

The design programs of the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück maintain active international collaboration with Universities in China (Shanghai, Xiamen University), Hongkong (Polytechnic University, University of Science and Technology), Egypt (German University in Cairo), Abu Dhabi (Interactive Media Program of NYU), Brasilia (PUC in Rio de Janeiro) and across Europe (ERASMUS).

The Design Cluster is currently planning an international master’s degree program in “Design Entrepreneurship” in cooperation with partners in Asia and Europe, which aims to prepare young designers for the complexity of modern product and system development at the international level and the challenges of starting and running a design business. The programm is set to start in 2024 and will be geared towards international students with a first degree in a design discipline, who are highly motivated to take their designs a step further in the pursuit of entrepreneurial goals. 

Outgoing students: Osnabrück design students have a "mobility window" in the second to last semester of their program and are able to study abroad during this time.

Incoming students: Since 2017 the design cluster has offered an International Design Project Semester (IDPS), a one-semester program run in English and open to design students from partner universities. Run jointly by Industrial Design and Interaction Design professors, the IDPS gives international, undergraduate students the opportunity to study abroad at the UAS Osnabrück for one semester and gather hands-on experience designing in an intercultural, collaborative, context. For information on the International Design Project Semester and how to apply: https://www.hs-osnabrueck.de/studium/studienangebot/internationales/internationale-studienangebote/international-design-project-semester-idps/ )

Student projects have been decorated with several design awards, for example Red Dot Award – Communication Design 2015 (best of the best) and 2017 (best of the best), German Design Award 2016 (nominee) and 2017 (winner), UX Design Award 2015 (nominee).

International cooperations exist with partners such as adidas, LEGO System A/S, SIG Combibloc Zerspanungstechnik GmbH and Simba Dickie Group.

National Role

Both study programs collaborate with local and regional partners in and around Osnabrück such as B&W international GmbH, CLAAS KGaA mbh, EMSA GmbH, Kaffee Partner GmbH, Stadt Osnabrück, Volkswagen Osnabrück and ZF Friedrichshafen AG Diepholz.

Collaborations are also run at the national level with partners such as Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH (B/S/H), Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS), Ritzenhoff AG, SIKU Sieper GmbH, VALMET automotive Inc.

Main Focus

Industrial Design program:
Concept, Construction, Ergonomics, Implementation, Technology, Usability, History and Theory of Design as well as relevant subjects like communication studies, design management, marketing, law.

Media & Interaction Design program:
Application Design, Communication Studies, Information Technology, Interaction Design, Interface Design, Psychology and Usability, History and Theory of Design

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

Bachelor Level Programs

Industrial Design B.A.

Media & Interaction Design B.A.

Research Activity and Main Areas

Virtual reality
Augmented reality
User-centered design
Human–computer interaction (HCI)
Human-machine interaction (HMI)
Applied human factors and Ergonomics
Interdisciplinary product development
Psychological-ergonomic user research
Universal design
Design development in intercultural contect (China, Egypt, e.g.)


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All subject areas of the both study programs Industrial Design and Media & Interaction Design

Application Deadlines

Students wishing to do a semester abroad during the winter semester (September to February) can apply between March 1 to May 15 of the same year. Student nominations through a home university should take place no later than April 30.

Students wishing to do a semester abroad during the summer semester (March to August) can apply between September 1 to November 1 of the previous year. Student nominations through a home university should take place no later than October 15.

For further information on applying please contact the internatinal office: https://www.hs-osnabrueck.de/en/international/

Teaching Languages

German, English

Semester Dates

Winter semester: September to February

Sumemr semester: March to July/August


Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

term fee: 360 Euro (incl. ticket for public transport)

rent monthly: 210 Euro – 400 Euro plus deposit

ca. 400 Euro (health insurance, canteen, books, copies, etc.)



Bachelor: ca. 300

Exchange Students

Incoming: ca. 10
Outgoing: ca. 20

Teaching Staff

Professors: 6
Lectures: 1
Other permanent teachers: 4

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