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Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

National Design Centre

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Mission Statement

The College of Creative Arts-UiTM, in line with the University’s prime objective in offering education for nation building, strive towards premier scholarship and academic excellence capable of providing leadership through dynamic involvement in the art and design field of world-class standards in order to produce globally competitive graduates of sound ethical standing.

International Role

The College of Creative Arts-UiTM has and continues to build formal linkages with international universities and institutions through signing of Memorandum of Understandings and Memorandum of Agreement.

Current collaboration includes areas on

  1. Institutional exchanges between faculties and staff of the institutions
  2. Acceptance of undergraduate and graduate students the institutions for periods of study and/or research;
  3. Organisation of symposia , conferences, short courses and meetings on research issues;
  4. Exchange of information pertaining to developments in teaching, student developments and research innovation and commercialization
  5. Co-operation in any other areas as agreed to from time to time.
  6. Formal appointments of Adjunct Professor, Academic Advisors from the partner institution.

National Role

The College of Creative Arts-UiTM’s involvement at a national and regional level are based on consultation, research and knowledge transfer projects. The university supports this through facilities such as its Research Management Institute, Knowledge Transfer Program and Industrial Attachment Program.

Some remarkable design the faculty sits and consults on board of Malaysian Good Design Mark standards  and advises on the structure of Art & Design

Main Focus

Diploma certificates with practical creative industry applications
B.A  and M.A focusing on the theory and practice of creative industries
PhD with research focus on Creative Art, Design and Interdisciplinary fields

Faculties and Departments

Design Studies
Digital and Media Art Studies
Fine Art Studies
Liberal Art Studies
Performing Art Studies
Censervatory of Music

Bachelor Level Programs

Duration of Study: 3 Years

1.   Bachelor of Fine Art (Hons.)
2.   Bachelor of Printing Technology (Hons)
3.   Bachelor of Creative Motion Design (Hons)
4.   Bachelor of Visual Culture Studies (Hons)
5.   Bachelor of Creative Game Design (Hons)
6.   Bachelor of Graphic Design (Hons.)
7.   Bachelor of Textile Design (Hons.)
8.   Bachelor of Contemporary Metal Design (Hons.)
9.   Bachelor of Industrial Design (Hons.)
10. Bachelor of Industrial Ceramic (Hons.)
11. Bachelor of Fashion Design (Hons.)
12. Bachelor of Creative Photomedia (Hons.)
13. Bachelor of Science (Hons) of Textile Science and Fashion Technology and Bachelor of Art of Textile Design (Hons)
14. Bachelor of Science (Hons) of Textile Science and Fashion Technology and Bachelor of Art In Fashion Design (Hons)
15. Bachelor of Film (Hons) Film Direction
16. Bachelor of Film (Hons) Cinematography
17. Bachelor of Writing (Hons) Screen Writing
18. Bachelor of Writing (Hons) Creative Writing
19. Bachelor of Theater (Hons) Theater Production
20. Bachelor of Theater (Hons) Synography
21. Bachelor of Creative Industry Management (Hons) Arts Management
22. Bachelor of Creative Industry Management (Hons) Film Production
23. Bachelor of Animation (Hons) 2d Animation Production
24. Bachelor of Animation (Hons) 3d Animation Production
25. Bachelor of Music Arts Education (Hons)
26. Bachelor of Arts In Composition Music (Hons)
27. Bachelor of Performing Music Arts (Hons)
28. Bachelor of Music Business (Hons)


Master Level Programs

Master’s Degree By Coursework
Full Time (Min: 2 – 4 Semesters, Max: 3 – 5 Semesters)
Part Time (Min: 2 – 5 Semesters; Max: 4 – 10 Semesters)

1. Master of Art And Design (Art History And Cultural Management)
2. Master of Art And Design (Fine Art And Technology)
3. Master of Art And Design (Visual Communication And New Media)
4. Master of Art And Design (Design Technology)
5. Master Of Cultural And Creative Industries
6. Master Of Music Education
7. Master Of Music Performance


Master’s Degree By Research
Full Time (Min: 3 Semesters, Max: 6 Semesters)
Part Time (Min: 4 Semesters, Max: 8 Semesters)

Master of Art and Design
Masters of Artistic and Creative Technology
Master of Music

Research Activity and Main Areas

The college heads the University’s Centre of Excellence known as ‘National Design Centre’ as well as an active member of Research Core area of ‘Logistic & Transportation’ such;

Formgiving Design Research Group [Formgiving Design]
Creative Visual Exchange Research Group [CREATe]
Islamic Research on Arts, Design, and Humanities Research Group [IRADAH]

Doctorate Level Programs

Doctoral Degree By Research  
Full Time (Min: 6 Semesters, Max: 10 Semesters)
Part Time (Min: 6 Semesters, Max: 12 Semesters)

Doctor of Philosophy in Art and Design
Doctor of Philosophy (Artistic and Creative Technology)
Doctor of Philosophy (Music)

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