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Universitat Politècnica de València

School of Design Engineering

Spain Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

The Universitat Politècnica de València trains people in order to enhance their skills; it manages research and generates knowledge, with the assurance of quality, rigour and ethics, in the fields of science, technology, arts and business, with the aim of furthering the integral development of society and contributing to its technical, economic and cultural progress.
We believe in and practice the values of honesty, integrity, equality, solidarity and integration.
We develop our activity in a professional and committed way -and also with creativity, dynamism and a spirit of innovation- from an international perspective.
We seek to provide satisfaction, at the same time making efficient use of the resources under our control, and we are accountable to society in a transparent way.
And we ensure a practice of University governance which encourages the participation of different groups and teams.
In 2022 the Universitat Politècnica de València is a modern, innovative and efficient institution able to offer quality structured training geared towards the needs of society. It develops research which is relevant and has an impact on society and quality of life, it transfers its results, both nationally and internationally, and stands out in its commitment to social responsibility as a public university in Spain.


International Role

The SCHOOL OF DESIGN ENGINEERING (http://www.etsid.upv.es), is a well-equipped School located in the eastern part of Spain by the Mediterranean sea. The Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Design have many international relations, offering more than 100 vacancies for carrying out studies  in other universities from Europe, United States, Asia and Oceania. Politecnico di Milano in Italy, TU Delft and Ingeniorhojskolen Teknikum Odense, in Denmark, are some of them.

We are focused on giving an integral support to the innovation process through design thinking and design instruction for innovation facing the new challenges of our society. We work in the areas of  New Products and Services Design, Products and environments for collective use, Industrial Product Design, Graphic Products Design and Technology, Design of User-oriented Products, among others.


National Role

Our location in Spain, in one of the main industrial areas, surrounded by small- and medium-size companies, has influenced our sectorial relations and internships. We have worked in different areas of Design, such as Exhibition Design, Furniture, Product Development, Packaging, Ceramics, Communication, etc.  We have run workshops with companies from various industrial sectors and also handcrafts producers. Both programs, that is, the Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development degree and the Master’s degree in Design Engineering, have work-study programs with any of the 500 companies (related to every industrial design field) with which the ETSID has working agreements. Most of the work-study programs are remunerated, and all of them represent a high quality training experience.

Over the last ten years, we have developed different research projects in the areas of co-design, public transportation and cooperation for development and have signed different agreements with companies such as Stadler rail,  Istoval, etc.


Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development
Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Master Level Programs

Master's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering
Master's Degree in Computer-Aided Integrated Manufacturing and Design
Master's Degree in Design Engineering
Master's Degree in Maintenance Engineering
Master's Degree in Mechatronics Engineering

Doctorate Level Programs

Dotoral Programme (PhD) in Design, Manufacturing and Management of Industrial Projects
The new technologies, the innovative procedures and the new materials used in the different business sectors, demand a need for an adequate training of the future graduate student able to provide all the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities from a real perspective and from the point of view of the existing problems in the market.
This PhD programme aims to achieve a series of fundamental objectives related to the professional specialization and the incentive of research in the field of industry for the design and development of new products, their manufacture and the management of industrial processes .

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Degree in Aerospace Engineering
Degree in Design Engineering
Degree in Electrical Engineering
Degree in Electronic Engineering
Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Master in Aeronautical Engineering
Master in Computer-Aided Integrated Manufacturing and Design
Master in Design Engineering
Master in Maintenance Engineering
Master in Mechatronics Engineering

Application Deadlines

Winter Semeste and complete course: From 1st of April to 15th of May
Spring Semester:  From 15th September to 15th of October

Teaching Languages

Spanish or English. In general, courses are taught in Spanish. However Schools also offer courses in English. Degree in Electronics and Degree in Aeronautics are offered in English

Semester Dates

Winter Semester: early September to end January
Spring Semester: early February to middle June

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

An student can live in Valencia in a share flat with 600 or 700  euros/month


Bachelor: 3139
Master: 600
Doctorate: 140

Exchange Students

Incoming: 319
Outgoing: 177

Teaching Staff

Professors: 59
Lectures: 106
Other permanent teachers: 60
Part-time Teachers: 68

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