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Universitas Multimedia Nusantara

Faculty Art and Design

Indonesia Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

  1. Organizing the learning process is supported qualified teachers and curriculum up to date the link and match with the industrial world.
  2. Carry out research programs that contribute to the development of ICT-based Art & Design.
  3. Utilizing Art & Design in order to implement the Service to the community

Being featured Faculty of Art & Design who produce creative graduates, competent and international perspective in the field of Art & Design based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), entrepreneurial and noble character.

International Role

Our Faculty joins and involved as one of an active member in ADADA. We are actively developing research collaboration between us and Tokyo University of Technology in Media Science Lab.

National Role

We are one of the leading private university and already achieve A (the highest) based on National Board Accreditation in University and Visual Communication Design Department as well. This university was build from KOMPAS GRAMEDIA, which is one of The largest media company in Indonesia. This makes Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN) as one of the universities that have a close connection between academic and industry. The relationship between university and industry already build and be regulated by. All our student internship in some good company and it continue with developing feedback for academic quality. We also close with local association Industry, University and Government, https://fsd.umn.ac.id/mitra/

Main Focus

Art and design Faculty of Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN)  focus on Bachelor degree. It has 3 major study programs. There are Visual Communication Design, Film and Cinema and Architecture. Visual Communication Design has 2 focus studies, Interaction Design, and Visual Brand Design. Meanwhile, Film and Cinema also have 2 focus studies, Animation, and Cinematography. 

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Art and Design 

Bachelor Level Programs

BA of Fine Arts (in Indonesia S.Sn = Sarjana Seni) 

B.Des of Design (in Indonesia S.Ds= Sarjana Desain) 


Research Activity and Main Areas

Research focus on multimedia in cinema, animation, visual brand and interaction design


Bachelor: 2500

Teaching Staff

Lectures: 80
Other permanent teachers: 5
Part-time Teachers: 40

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