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Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid)

Faculty of Design and Fine Arts

Spain Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Our way to consider the teaching of Design is related with the intigral integration of our students as a humanbeing as well as a professional. The focus and the offer of our university is unique in Spain as we have joined fine arts and design. This way we have created a designer with an artistic profile who is able to solve specific problems through his /her strong technical education. Our students receive a specialized education in different areas and creativity together with a humanistic approach.

International Role

Since the beginning, one of the main objectives of both the degrees in Fine Arts and Design is internationalization. That is why languages are fundamental in the academic program. We have different cooperation agreements with institutions and universities in Europe and America.

National Role

UFV has a solid presence despite its youth. In the field of design education, the University has been pioneer in Spain. The students of Fine Arts Design at our university have several working experiences during their last two years of study, with internships in prestigious design studios and agencies. The faculty is member of Dimad ( Asociación de diseñadores de Madrid).

Main Focus

BA oriented in grafic design, audiovisual design, creativity, plastic arts, videogame design

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Communication Sciences

Bachelor Level Programs

Audiovisual Communication + University certificate to choose between:

  • Expert in Social Media Management
  • Expert in Animation and 3D Applications in Real Time
  • Expert in Production of New Formats in Digital TV and Cinema

Advertising + Expert in On-Line Advertising

Fine Arts + Expert in Animation and 3D Applications in Real Time

Design + University certificate to choose between:

  • Expert in Multimedia and Interactive Graphic Design
  • Expert in Fashion Design

Videogame Deasign 

Research Activity and Main Areas

History, anthropology, biosciences, economics1

Doctorate Level Programs

Doctoral in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Fine Arts



Audiovisual Communication


Videogame Design 

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester or Full Academic Year: April 1st  – May 15th

Spring Semester: September 1st – October 30th

Learning Agreement is compulsory and must be sent with the online application.

Teaching Languages

Spanish (English in some areas)

Semester Dates

Fall Semester:  Mid September – Mid January 

Spring Semester: Mid January – Mid May 

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

1000€ (Accomodation, Mealplans, Transportation, Pocketmoney) Exchange students do not pay a fee due to the exchange agreements. Visiting students pay around 3000€/sem.


Bachelor: 6000
Master: 2000
Doctorate: 15

Exchange Students

Incoming: 300
Outgoing: 60
Others: 50

Teaching Staff

Professors: 203
Part-time Teachers: 215

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