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Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de América Latina (UCAL)

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Mission Statement

In UCAL we train unique professionals who transform society through creative thinking. Our vision is to be a model of creativity as an engine of economic growth and transformation of society through the development of creative thinking. Our values are: liberty, passion, integrity.

International Role

The aim is to develop international collaborations with partner universities to promote the following programs:

–          Students exchange programs/faculty exchange programs,

–          Dual degrees,

–          Joint research,

–          International internships,

–          Study trips,

–          International lectures and workshops.

National Role

The Strategic Alliances Department of UCAL is dedicated to establish collaborations with the best creative companies, public institutions and NGOs in national and international market. The aim is to offer good opportunities for students who can practice, work and develop professional projects in a real context, as part of their learning process. The objective is to establish a strong link between students and professional environment.

Main Focus

UCAL is oriented in BA and MA (in the mid-term).

The main focus of its methodology is to develop the creative thinking of their students.

Faculties and Departments

–          Architecture

–          Graphic Design

–          Communications

Bachelor Level Programs

–          BA in Graphic Design

–          BA in Communications

–          BA in Interior Architecture

–          BA in Architecture

5 years (10 semesters)

Research Activity and Main Areas

The university is working on developing its research department, but it has already created its own methodology that improves creative thinking in their students, called "Pro.seso Creativo®".

Subject Areas for Exchange Students


–          Complex projects design.

–          Design with applied technologies.

–          Urban design, land and sustainable landscape.



–          Commercial spaces.

–          Furniture and objects.



–          Advertising,

–          Corporate communications.

–          Audiovisual performance and production.

–          Animation and multimedia.



–          Corporate identity.

–          Design and technology.

Application Deadlines

2 months prior to the starting dates of classes.

SPRING SEMESTER: beginning of June.

FALL SEMESTER: beginning of January.

Teaching Languages

–          Spanish (for general programs)

–          Spanish for foreign students (for individual exchanges)

–          English (for foreign students groups)

Semester Dates

SPRING SEMESTER: from August to December

FALL SEMESTER: from March to July

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Accommodation: 250 USD

Food: 160 USD

Transportation in Lima: 30 USD

Personal living expenses: 190 USD

Study materials: 190 USD

Total costs per month: 820 USD


Bachelor: 1,083

Exchange Students

Incoming: 15
Outgoing: 15

Teaching Staff

Professors: 142
Lectures: 15
Other permanent teachers: 19
Part-time Teachers: 123

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