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Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM)

Division of Sciences and Arts for Design (CyAD)

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Mission Statement

The Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, as a public university, has a central commitment to society. This commitment has to be renewed periodically in light of the transformations of society itself. The structure on which we have built our community has proved to be sufficiently flexible and solid at the same time, to face the challenges of changes in the national and international context.

At present it is clear that the Mexican society must deploy an extraordinary effort to ensure the changes it has experienced in recent years and adapt them to the new scenarios. The University has a mission to fulfill in this collective purpose of ensuring a decent place in the international reordering under way. With the instruments of science and technology, with the values ​​of philosophy and the humanities, and with the knowledge provided by the social sciences, we have the responsibility of helping our people to solve the problems they face day after day in light of the changes. The nature of our contribution can only be to collaborate in the formation of a national conscience about the nature of ongoing national and international processes, on the present and future problems and the means to face them.

In some way, this national conscience, to whose conformation we aspire to collaborate, must shed light on the future and help to find firmer paths. Hence the importance of reinforcing our critical vocation in a constructive and imaginative way, and of broadening the limits of plurality in order to be an example of rational communication with cultures different from ours. It is therefore imperative to multiply our efforts to prepare a lecture, to deliver it, to carry out our experiments with all rigor, to comply punctually with our commitments to the outside and to actively engage in the changes underway.

International Role

We promote academic cooperation, exchange and mobility with higher education institutions, national and foreign, to strengthen the comprehensive education of our students and the academic improvement of our teaching staff. Likewise, we establish strategic alliances with the productive sector, public and private, national and international, so that the scientific and technological university developments translate into tangible social benefits. 

We also have collaboration with international universities. For example, outside México: EACEA (Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. European Commision.), Politecnico de Milano (Italy), Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Universidad del Bío-Bío (Chile), Escuela Universitaria centro Diseño (Uruguay), Instituto Superior de Diseño (Cuba), Bienal del Diseño in Madrid, etc.

National Role

We collaborate with the sectors of public life in the country and civil society to promote the transfer of knowledge that encourages analysis and proposals for solving regional and national problems. We also have collaboration with design associations (ANPADEH, ENCUADRE, DI-INTEGRA) in charge of education certification. Also with National institutions like: Nacional Financiera through the Funding for research in education, National Science and Technology Council, International Cooperation Mexican Agency, Electoral National Institution, National Rehabilitation Institute and so on.

Main Focus

All our teachers have to develop three activities: teaching, research and preservation and dissemination of culture. In our Division BA are more professional oriented and we also foster research activities.

Faculties and Departments

Division of Sciences and Arts for Design Departments:
– Research and design knowledge
– Processes and implementation techniques
– Design evaluation over time
– Environment

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in Industrial Design (4 years)
BA in Graphic Communication Design (4 years)
BA in Architecture (4 years)

Master Level Programs

MA in Bioclimatic Design
MA in Design & Urban Studies
MA in Design & Product Development
MA in in Design, Planning and Conservation of Landscapes and Gardens
MA in Design & Information Visualization  
MA in Design for the Rehabilitation, Recovery and Conservation of the Built Heritage

Research Activity and Main Areas

We have 28 research groups organized in four departments. Main research areas are:

– International Urbanism
– Urban Studies
– Bioclimatic Design
– Semiotics
– Design Education
– Community Development
– Analysis and design prospective
– Sustainability
– Interaction Design
– Color
– Landscape Design
– Design management
– Drawing Creation
– Acoustic Design
– Digital Culture

– Disruptive Design

Doctorate Level Programs

DA in Bioclimatic Design
DA in Design & Urban Studies
DA in Design & Product Development
DA in in Design, Planning and Conservation of Landscapes and Gardens
DA in Design & Information Visualization  
DA in Design for the Rehabilitation, Recovery and Conservation of the Built Heritage

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Industrial Design
Graphic Design
Bioclimatic Design
Design & Urban Studies
Design & Product Development
Design, Planning and Conservation of Landscapes and Gardens
Design & Information Visualization  
Design for the Rehabilitation, Recovery and Conservation of the Built Heritage

Application Deadlines

1-16 October for Winter or Spring Courses

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

We arrange courses by trimestres.
Winter (January to March)
Spring (May to July)
Autumn (September to December)

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

500 US dollars per month


Bachelor: 2783
Master: 37
Doctorate: 40

Exchange Students

Incoming: 36
Outgoing: 55

Teaching Staff

Professors: 237
Lectures: 1
Other permanent teachers: 62
Part-time Teachers: 22

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