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Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

Karnavati University

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Mission Statement

  • To become a recognised name in global education sector.
  • To be known for our values and academic excellence.
  • To set a benchmark through the success of our students.
  • To make UID a name to reckon with in the academic fraternity by giving a strong impetus to creating an environment of knowledge application and holistically inspiring students to become eminent leaders of tomorrow. 
  • To develop designers but professionals with human values who make noteworthy contributions to the society and our nation.
  • To empower the youth with knowledge and make them technically competent and professionally sound for all walks of life.

International Role

Learning beyond Boundaries, International Collaborative Arrangements and Internationalisation are the key pillars of UID.

United worldwide [UWW] under the umbrella of KU Global is engaged in setting up academic collaborative alliances with -highly rated, world class universities & institutions which provide our students with fast track progression to Masters/ Higher education, Study abroad options, Reciprocal semester exchange through credit recognition/ credit exchange, Master classes and Workshops conducted by world renowned, academics, Professors & practicing Professionals at the KU campus.

KU / UID provides Bespoke Craft / heritage / Hands on workshop for International students. Study Trips / Industry familiarisation / Art, Craft & Heritage workshops Walks / Field trips for International Students

In this globally connected world, KU recognizes that international tie ups benefit students and faculty to gain international learning through various platforms – international conferences, seminars, summer schools, global study trips, exhibitions, fairs etc.

Membership – Three Top International Associations

UID is probably among the only few top design colleges / institutions in India who are members of   WDO (earlier International Council of Societies of Industrial Designers); Cumulus Association and IFFTI.

WDO ( ICSID) : https://wdo.org/ 

The World Design Organization (WDO)™ is an international non-governmental organization that promotes the profession of industrial design. It was formerly the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID).

Cumulus:  https://www.cumulusassociation.org/ 

Cumulus is the only global association to serve art and design education and research. It is a forum for partnership and transfer of knowledge and best practices. Cumulus consists currently of over 280 members from 56 countries.

Cumulus aims at building and maintaining a dynamic and flexible academic forum which would bring together top level educational institutions from all parts of the world. Cumulus collaborates not only with institutions and organizations from the field of art, design and media; the encouragement of co-operation with industry and business is important as well.

IFFTI: http://www.iffti.com 

The International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institute (IFFTI) was registered as a Society on 14th October 1999 at New Delhi, India. Since then IFFTI has grown into the most comprehensive and prestigious international organization representing leading fashion higher education institutions in areas of design, technology and business. The foundation presently comprises 61 members from 28 countries.

Among various Initiatives IFFTI provides Travel Scholarships to Faculty and Students of IFFTI member Institutions for presenting papers at the Conference and conducting short course of Study /Workshops at another member institution.

Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

The Association of Commonwealth Universities is an international organisation dedicated to building a better world through higher education. International collaboration is central to this ambition: by bringing universities together from around the world – and crucially the people who study and work within them – the ACU helps to advance knowledge, promote understanding, broaden minds, and improve lives.

The ACU champions higher education as a cornerstone of stronger societies, supporting its members, partners, and stakeholders as they adapt to a changing world.

Masterclasses / Workshops / joint projects / Block Teaching by Global Faculty

A strong partnership with the leading universities around the world provides with meaningful faculty exchange. Faculty from our partner institutions visit campus and teach a courses / conduct master classes and seminars, thereby giving student’s academic exposure in cutting edge research and developments in various fields of study. 

Student Mobility  


  • Fast Track Masters progression opportunities for UG students
  • Study Abroad Program/ Semester Exchange Program
  • Global Design programme
  • Study Trips
  • Summer Schools/ Summer Courses
  • Masterclass / Workshop


  • Reciprocal semester exchange for international students from partner universities
  • Bespoke Craft / heritage / Hands on workshop for International students  
  • Study Trips / Industry familiarisation / Art, Craft & Heritage workshops Walks / Field trips for International Students
  • Residencies for Creative professionals  

Craft Innovation Centre

UID craft innovation centre networks with master craft persons, craft communities from a diverse and cultural rich heritage traditional fields and has a reach and networking with nearly 400 artisans.

UID welcomes students from reputed international/ national institutions for short courses/ hands on workshop on Craft documentation, interactive sessions with craftsmen; craft design process, interdisciplinary understanding and traditional craft skills and techniques.

Global students are exposed to different art forms, cultural impact and scope for innovation and value addition through use of modern technique to shorten lifecycle/ turnaround time


  • Master Classes & Workshops by International faculty, professionals and experts
  • Joint research and projects with faculty and students from partner universities

Fast track progression to International Higher Education Universities worldwide.

KU Global / United worldwide provided a varied support services & handholding to students who want to pursue higher education.

UID Design curriculum, academic systems & quality processes are internationally benchmarked & mapped with partners which ensures a seamless transfer of graduating UG students to Master Courses and preferred higher studies with some of the top ranking and prestigious universities in the world. KU Global would assist in fast track progression to the Master’s program. It also aims towards providing scholarship, bursaries and subsidized fee for deserving students.

Master Classes. Talks & Webinars:

Master classes are conducted by the international renowned experts in respective fields from partner institutions as well as from across the globe who share their knowledge and experience with our students. Master classes involve lecture demonstration, lab work, through skill based learning.

Workships to explore & push the boundries of Design.

Innovative, Skilled & internationally renowned faculty and expert practitioners spends time interacting with students in studios and workshops by demonstrating innovative techniques in specific fields.

Residencies for International craftsmen / research scholars

The workshop sessions are usually hands-on where students learn by doing and observation and also involves field trips / rural immersions.

Study Abroad Program / Semester Exchange Program

KU Global & UWW, support students to travel abroad and gain global exposure and learn about different cultures, environments, creative industries and international practices and markets.

The KU global platforms encourage our students through number of unique opportunities for international travel, study abroad, reciprocal semester exchange through our collaborations with top end International Universities and institutions. It enables our students to do a semester overseas by a university to university semester credit transfer which adds up to their UG transcript and graduation degree.

Study Trips

Overseas trips to visit fairs, museums, places of historic relevance and architecture are an integral part of the learning experience at our university. We believe this serves the dual purpose of fulfilling academic requirements as well as introducing students to multiple cultures from various parts of the worlds.

Since it is not possible for all students to go on these trips, we bring international experience into our classrooms through various master classes and other interactions with Global Experts.

Summer Schools / Summer Courses

Our International Collaborations / KU Go Global Funds Merit Scholarships (100% – 50 % – 30%) to our top 3 students of each cohort UG / PG for Summer Schools at our International partner institutions / International Universities.

Global Alliances & Linkages:

UID / KU has established alliances / collaborations with top class and leading institutions / Universities from across the Globe.

UK and EU (European Zone)

1.        De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

2.       The Arts University Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

3.       University for the Creative Arts, Farnham / Kent, UK

4.       Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK

5.       Coventry University, Coventry, UK

6.       University of Derby, Derby, UK

7.       Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK

8.       University of Northampton, Northampton, UK

9.       Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

10.   Domus Academy, Milan, Italy

11.    NABA, Milan, Italy

12.   Polimoda , Florence , Italy

13.   Koln International School of Design, Cologne, Germany

14.   Akademie Mode & Design (AMD), GmBH, Berlin, Germany

15.   University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany

16.   University of Bristol, Bristol, UK.

17.   UCLan (University of Central Lancashire), Lancashire, UK

18.   York St John’s University, York, UK

19.   Instituto Marangoni, Milan, Italy

USA & Americas

20.   Temple University (Beasley School of Law), Philadelphia, USA

21.   College of Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA, USA

22.   Fordham University, Manhattan, USA

23.   Universidad Ean, Cundinamarca, Columbia

24.   University of São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

APAC (Asia Pacific) 

25.   Curtin University, Perth, Australia

26.   Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia

27.   Asia University, Taichung, Taiwan.

28.   Lincoln University College, Kelantan, Malaysia.

29.   UiTM, Selangor, Malaysia

National Role

UID is a student- centric institution, where we celebrate our cultural diversity as a truly Indian institution and aim to build innovative learning environments that facilitates students with experiential knowledge and international exposure.

We believe that traditional linear narratives of Design Education are increasingly supplemented by increasingly complex &   layered narratives at the intersection of arts, design & culture science & new and emerging technology. Interdisciplinary, Trans disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach to education is the fundamental structure of our curriculum.

UID has been built on strong foundations of teaching, learning, innovation and research excellence in design education. Our design programs are designed with strong professional emphasis, in close partnership with the industry.

Our programs are designed with strong professional emphasis and in close partnership with the global industry. Every course has been structured to deliver insights into the importance of individual and collective creativity, be it a theoretical assessment, design practice, curatorial evaluations or artistic considerations.

UID Offers Internationally benchmarked UG 4 years intensive B. Des Hons, 2 years M. Des, 4 years Global Design Programme (GDP) and 5 years Integrated Masters of Design (IMD, Interdisciplinary) programs across discipline of

1.    Department of Communication Design

2.    Department of Industrial Design

3.    Department of Interior Design

4.    Department of Fashion Design

Main Focus

Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) is a leading Design Institute of India which redefins the Design Education in India through integration of emerging and futuristic technologies, processes and implementation. UID focuses on the learning through practical, hands on, researched based approach to the design which is beyond the classroom boundaries. 

Faculties and Departments

UID (Constituent College of Karnavati University)


  1. Department of Industrial Design
  2. Department of Communication Design
  3. Department of Fashion Design
  4. Department of Interior Design

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor of Design (HONS) (4 YEARS)

  1. Product Design
  2. Interaction Design
  3. Defence Design
  4. Automobile & Transportation Design
  5. Visual Communication (Graphics)
  6. Animation & Motion Graphics
  7. Fashion Design
  8. Accessory Design
  9. Interior & Furniture Design

Bachelor of Design (4 YEARS)

  1. Global Design Programme

Master Level Programs

Master of Design (2 Years)

  1. Industrial Design
  2. Visual Experiential Design
  3. Fashion Design
  4. Interior & Experience Design

Integrated Masters of Design (5 years)

  1. Masters in Design (Interdisciplinary)

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research Activity and Main Areas

UID puts immense emphasis on promoting cutting edge research and publications of high quality and not quantity. We firmly believe that this is the key to our recognition in the international research community. We offer PhD degrees in design discipline which includes all design domains. At present, we have 30 PhD scholars in the design Institute.

Over the last year, as many as 135 IPRs (design resignation/ patents/trademarks/copyrights) have been filled. As an outcome of subjects/modules, several research papers have been published in various high impact international journals and conferences. UID faculties are attempting to provide solutions for social issues such as health problems of rural women and children, learning aids for visually-impaired students via government funded-projects. This has already become an all-in-all place for design research among private universities in Ahmedabad.

Research paper presentation

  1. “Immigrant Cultural Acculturation- A Study of Tibetan Clothing in India”, at Cumulus Roma 2020, at Sapienza University, Rome, in June 2021
  2. “Fashion and Sensitivity”, South Korea, International Conference IFFTI March 2021.
  3. “Cultural sensitivity in Indian embroidered clothing”, IFFTI Annual Conference, South Korea, March, 2021.
  4. “Exploring Micro segments in Three wheeler market in India for MOVIN'ON WORLD SUMMIT”, World Summit on Sustainable Mobility, Montreal Canada May 2021.
  5. “Indian fashion context for the theme – towards a new (design) deal”, Design principles and Practices Conference, Monterrey, Mexico, March 2021.
  6. “Designers as Social Activists in the Context of Craft Clusters in India”, at International Conference of Creativity & innovation Proceedings/ Barreira Art & Design Institute/ Valencia, Spain, September 2020.
  7. “Vertical and Horizontal Growth in Design”, St. Petersburg, Cumulus October 2020 .
  8. “Wrap Me Up…Or Not, IFFTI”, Kent University, USA, 2020
  9. “Future of Design Education within the Changing Cultural-Economy of India”, at WDO Research and education forum on the 10th of Oct, 2019.
  10. “Trends and Key decisive factors of consumers for Indian Blouse”, 4th International Conference on Apparel Textiles and Fashion Design
  11. “Sizing and Fit of Indian Blouse- Perspectives and Challenges”, Journal of Textile and Clothing Science
  12. “Perspective of the Indian Design Tutors for Engaging Students Online in the times of COVID '19”, Elsevier, Design Research, The Interdisciplinary Journal of Design Research
  13. Growth of the Indian Bridal Fashion Industry, the horizontals and vertical aspects of the same, Cumulus Conference, St. Petersburg, October 2020.
  14. “Outlining cultural aspects influencing Formation of major fashion trends in India”, ICATFD 2020
  15. “Block chain and its Ramifications in the Indian Apparel Industry”, Srilanka Aug 2020
  16. “Design for Tomorrow”, ICoRD'21
  17. “Understanding the concept of organisational design and creating cultures”, Design Research Society, December 2020.
  18. “Block chain to improve IOT products security”, International conference: International Conference on Internet of Things & Embedded Systems (IoTE 2021) at London, UK.
  19. International Conference on Big Data, Block chain and Security (BDBS 2020) at Chennai, India.
  20. “Cobots" for cognitive solution in industrial 4.0 ", International conference: IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in IoT and Smart Cities (IEEE CIIoT 2021), canberra, Australia.

Research Publications

  1. “Challenges for Interface Designers in Designing Sensor Dashboards in the Context of Industry 4.0”, International journal of industrial and manufacturing engineering, 2019 (ISSN / ISBN 2575-3142)
  2. “i-HAWA: An interactive device for providing cognitive breaks in the workspace”, International conference on research into Design, 2021(ISSN / ISBN 978-981-16-0118-7)
  3. “Exploring the association of riders’ physical attributes with comfortable riding posture and optimal riding position”, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, 2021(ISSN / ISBN 0954-4070)
  4. “Perceived comfortable posture and optimum riding position of Indian male motorcyclists for short-duration riding of standard motorcycles”, International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 2021 (ISSN / ISBN 1872-8219)
  5. "Student Evaluation and Feedback Systems for Design Education" to submit for publication consideration by 'Design Studies' (ISSN: 0142-694X) and International Journal of Design (ISSN: 1994-036X).
  6. “Musculoskeletal problems of hand-sewn crafted footwear manufacturing artisans in Kolhapur, India”, International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, 2021, (ISSN / ISBN 0340-0131).
  7. “Study of problem faced by Parkinson’s disease people”, International Journal of all research education and scientific methods, 2021, (ISSN / ISBN 2455-6211).
  8. “A novel technique for accuracy in horizontal, vertical an axial bracket placement in orthodontic bonding”, The journal of contemporary dental practice, 2021, (ISSN / ISBN 1526-3711).
  9. “Design and development of temperature controlling milk sipper bottle”, International Journal of all research education and scientific methods, (ISSN / ISBN 2455-6211).

Doctorate Level Programs

  • Ph.D. in Design

Subject Areas for Exchange Students


Application Deadlines

Please refer to the website


Teaching Languages


Semester Dates



Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

INR 65,000 Approx.


Bachelor: 3419
Master: 343
Doctorate: 58

Exchange Students

Incoming: N.A.
Outgoing: 125
Others: N.A.

Teaching Staff

Professors: 15
Lectures: 37
Other permanent teachers: 85
Part-time Teachers: 62

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