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Tsinghua University

Academy of Arts & Design

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Mission Statement

Always making a point of fostering the students' innovation spirit and ability, the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, keeps expanding the students' horizon to improve their comprehensive quality, while strengthening teaching of fundamental major courses. At the Academy, great attention is paid to the studies of fine heritage of folk arts of all nationalities both at home and abroad. Also, attaching great importance to academic exchanges, the Academy keeps introducing and studying the latest foreign thoughts and methodology of fine arts and artistic design. It advocates the spirit of being precise in pursuing studies, relation theory to practice and seeking truth from fact, and stresses the need to suit design to lives, and the combination of design and craft manufacture, and that of art and science. Students are trained to acutely grasp the changing trend and pace of social and cultural life. The Academy strives to create lively academic atmosphere and fine education environment.

International Role

Since 1956, the Academy has established friendly exchanges with over twenty overseas universities, including Tokyo Art University in Japan, the Art College of Chicago in the U.S., the School of Fine Arts of the University of Washington, The College of Art MIT, University of Art and Design Helsinki and so on. It has invited celebrated experts, professors and scholars of artistic design from over twenty countries in Europe, America, Asia to give lectures.

National Role

Students graduating from the Academy are well received in the society with their fine quality. They work at State organs, news and press, institutions of higher learning, culture and art organizations, research institutes, as well as various enterprises, making significant contribution to the country's economic development and cultural and ideological progress, and to the prosperity and development of its art design and fine arts undertaking.

Main Focus


Faculties and Departments

Ten departments: department of arts & history department of textile & fashion design, department of ceramic design department of industrial design, department of environmental art design, department of graphic design, department of information art & design, department of painting, department of sculpture, department of arts & crafts

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in textile & fashion design BA in ceramic design BA in industrial design BA in environmental art design BA in graphic design BA in information art & design BA in sculpture BA in arts & crafts BA in art history

Master Level Programs

MA in art history, MA in textile & fashion design, MA in ceramic design MA in industrial design MA in environmental art design MA in graphic design MA in information art & design MA in sculpture MA in arts & crafts MA in painting ENMA MASTER OF FINE ARTS

Research Activity and Main Areas


Doctorate Level Programs

PdD in art history Phd in fine arts

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

all fields of design

Application Deadlines

no deadline

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Feb and Sep in every year

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

1000 $


Bachelor: 1106
Master: 525
Doctorate: 94

Teaching Staff

Professors: 143
Lectures: 58

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