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Torrens University

Design and Creative Technology

Ultimo NSW , Australia Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Our vision, ‘We champion the power of people to connect the world for good’, and our values of beginning and ending with people, being good, being creative, being bold, being well and being global are at the core of everything we do. The vision and values underpin the university and informs all the work done in our institutions.

Main Focus

Torrens University provides opportunitities for students to study at Diploma, Bachelor, Masters and Phd level in range of design and creative technology disciplines. The university has a strong reputation for industry engagement, high quality student experiences and high graduate employment.

Faculties and Departments

Torrens University – Design and Creative Technology 

Billy Blue College of Design, Australia

Media Design School, New Zealand


Bachelor Level Programs

Billy Blue College of Design, Australia

  • Bachelor of Communication Design
  • Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial)
  • Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential)
  • Bachelor of Film and Video
  • Bachelor of 3D Design and Animation
  • Bachelor of Game Design and Development
  • Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design
  • Bachelor of UX and Web Design
  • Bachelor of Fashion Marketing and Enterprise

Media Design School, New Zealand

  • Bachelor of Art and Design (3D Animation and Visual Effects)
  • Bachelor of Creative Technologies (Game Art)
  • Bachelor of Media Design – Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Media Design – Interactive design
  • Bachelor of Media Design – Motion Design
  • Graduate Diploma of Creative Advertising
  • Graduate Diploma of Creative Technologies

Master Level Programs

Billy Blue College of Design, Australia

  • Master of Design
  • Graduate Certificate in UX and Web Design

Media Design School, New Zealand

  • Master of Design

Research Activity and Main Areas

At Torrens University, our Research that Matters framework ensures that the improvement of society, the environment and the human condition remains central to our work.

We aim to develop distinctive research and research training with enduring global and national significance. The University offers a Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy.

The Vertical undertakes a range of traditional and non-traditional research in a range of areas that intersect with the university’s research Centres and inter-disciplinary themes. Our research broadly follows four key themes:

Creative Practice and Industry 4.0

Investigating how new technologies are impacting creative practise and the changing nature of our profession.

Creative Practice and Indigenous Culture

Investigating unique histories and perspectives of indigenous culture and how they influence design and creative practice.

Design-based Research and Technology for health and well-being

Investigating how design-based research and creative technology can directly impact health and well being through the design of physical environments, digital services and information systems, workwear, product design, service design and information communication technologies using technologies like artificial intelligence.

Design and Creative Technology for sustainability

Investigating the role of design, creative practise and technology to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Doctorate Level Programs

Phd in Design and Creative Technology

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All disciplines as described above in the list of courses deployed are subject to institution to institution exchange agreements within Torrens University.

Application Deadlines

Three intakes per year in Australia. Applications can be made at any time for the next or subsequent Trimester.

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Trimester program in Australia  (subject to slight annual variation): February – May.  June – August.  September – December.

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Living costs in Australia will vary depending on which city you are living in and your lifestyle.


Bachelor: 2400
Master: 250
Doctorate: 10

Teaching Staff

Lectures: 160

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