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Tokyo University of Technology

School of Design, School of Media Science

Japan Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Tokyo University of Technology has laid out the following specific missions:

  1. To provide education that values each student's individuality.
  2. To educate, through training in advanced technologies, student's to become engineers and experts with practical competence in diverse fields.
  3. To educate student's to become engineers and experts well-versed in ICT.
  4. To provide practical training in foreign languages (especially English) to foster an international mindset.

In accordance with these missions, all the teaching and administrative staff at Tokyo University of Technology are taking concerted action to innovate its education programs under the slogan “Only One, Best Care” (OBC).

International Role

Tokyo University of Technology includes 2 faculties of Design and Technology, one is School of Design and another is School of Media Science. These are considered to join Cumulus.

School of Design has had the research collaborative contract as a memorandum of academic exchange with Faculty of Art and Social Science of Sabanci University, Turkey in 2016.

School of Media Science has had international research collaborative universities such as Uppsala University, University of Southern California, City University of Hong Kong and so on. School of Media Science organized the Joint research symposium with KMUTT Thailand, Game workshop with Uppsala University, CG animation workshop with USC and so on. And we supervised short term internship students from Chulalongkorn university Thailand, ITS Institute Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Indonesia, City University of Hong Kong, and Management & Science University Malaysia.

National Role

Since its founded year of 2010, School of Design has closely communicated and done collaborations with the city of Kamata, Tokyo where it is located. Kamata is well known as one of valuable industrial areas in Tokyo and also known as the city close to Haneda International airport. School of Design has regularly organized workshops and art projects that faculty professors handled, such as frottages in factories, tourism event planning with Kamata city. In 2017, School of Design organized and implemented the large scaled projection mapping event by the request of Hachioji city for its 100th anniversary of the municipal system.
School of Media Science, the first of its kind of Japan, has been building a pool of creative professionals capable of contributing to the media society of the 21st Century, through systematic education in the fundamentals of media technologies, focused education per speciality field and advanced education in state-of-the-art content technology. Furtermore, it has been committing itself to realize a rich human life and society that take full advantage of various media and to revitalize industry by actively participating in collaborative projects with various businesses, offering support for education overseas utilizing media technologies, and promoting volunteer activities with local and regional societies.School of Media Science has exhibited Tokyo Game show and Anime Japan by some professors and students.
Both faculties commit to the society around the university.

University Guide:

Graduate program (Media Science program)

Main Focus

School of Design is oriented in BA for visual design and industial design.

School of Media Science is oriented in BA, MA, PhD for media science.

Faculties and Departments

  • School of Design
  • School of Media Science

Bachelor Level Programs

  • Estimated duration of studying: 4 years
  • School of Design
    • Industrial Design Course
    • Visual Design Course​
    • Degree title: BA in Design
  • School of Media Science
    • Media Contents Course
    • Media Technology Course
    • Social Media Course​
    • Degree title: BA in Media Science


Master Level Programs

  • Estimated duration of Studying: 2years
  • Graduate School of Bionics, Computers and Media Sciences
    • Media Science Program
    • Degree title: MA in Media Science

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research areas

  • School of Design
    • Industrial Design
    • Visual Design
  • School of Media Science
    • Media Contens
    • Media Technology
    • Social Media

Doctorate Level Programs

  • Estimated duration of Studying: 3years
  • Graduate School of Bionics, Computers and Media Sciences
    • Media Science Program
    • Degree title: Ph.D in Media Science


Bachelor: 7763
Master: 251
Doctorate: 27

Teaching Staff

Professors: 172
Lectures: 43
Part-time Teachers: 71

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