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Mission Statement

Thomas More offers students innovative professionally-oriented higher education in close collaboration with employers in their respective fields. Through its modern education, applied research and services to the community Thomas More forms a hub of regional development.

We will strive toward…

Besides its high quality standard degree portfolio, Thomas More offers several degrees with national or international appeal which are directly connected to the professional profile of the surrounding region. A Thomas More degree is a quality label: a Thomas More graduate is someone who has substantial professional knowledge and an attitude and skill set necessary in the 21st century.

With Thomas More (1478-1535) the university college follows in the footsteps of the English humanist, scientist and author. In addition, the name “More” also refers to more innovation-led course programs, more regional spread and more regional embeddedness, more sustainable cooperation agreements, more horizons.

International Role

Our education is internationally oriented. We have an extensive network of partner schools abroad for student and staff mobility and a wide range of internships across the borders. We welcome an international context on campus. One student out of five comes from the Netherlands, we host many exchange students in the fifth semester and on a regularly base we offer workshops given by guest lecturers from abroad.

Thomas More, Interior, Design & Architecture is co-founder and member of GIDE, Group for International Design Education.  https://gidegroup.wordpress.com/

National Role

Thomas More has developed a close connection with employers in their respective fields and is therefore the go-to partner in education, research and services. Thomas More is especially known for the expertise of its employees and the passion which they convey. Thomas More forms an inclusive community with which students and employees identify.

Main Focus

We teach anyone with a passion for design to express his/her individuality:

Our Bachelor's degree in Applied Architecture (180 credits) offers a study programme which aims at dealing with the complex and dynamic world of architecture and its multiple involved disciplines and sectors.  Applied architecture focuses practically on three levels of building scales: the building, the interior and tailor made furniture. Students learn how to use various computer modelling programmes, learn how to understand and practically interpret technical drawings, details and materials. Students experience how virtual building enhances the efficiancy and sustainability of a building and how it can preclude technical problems on the building site.  

Our Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design (180 credits) aimes at those wishing to learn to design spaces and objects during a three year fulltime-hands-on programme. The first two years lay a sound foundation and help students to let go of their ingrained habits. The focus lies on outside the box design: creative, innovative and practically feasible. In the third year, students compose their own study package, based on their interests and envisaged job profile. They focus the content of their own studies on specific user groups and design challenges on the market when choosing a design studio (focus on architecture, concept development, detail, furniture or service design always related to interior design). They can also compose a course package of courses in English.  


Those wanting to combine work and studies can obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design (180 credits) in four years. We are successful pioneers in Open University Education in Design in Flanders.

Students with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and a passion for furniture, can apply for a Postgraduate in Furniture Design (60 credits), unique in Flanders and far beyond. This one year course of 60 credits has been reviving the furniture tradition of Mechelen, year after year. 


Those who have already obtained a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in design or architecture studies can also sign up for a Postgraduate in Space & Service Design (60 credits). A unique chance for any seeker of the added value in tangible and intangible context (design of services and customer experiences, design of relevant spaces and objects) to really focus on the user. 


In all the programmes, design assignments are presented and assessed by the professional field. Moreover, most of our lecturers have a professional practice themselves. Design always aims at reconciling creativity with usable, technical and budgetary feasibility.

Our education is internationally oriented. We have an extensive network of partner schools abroad for student and staff mobility and a wide range of internships across the borders. We welcome an international context on campus. One student out of five comes from the Netherlands, we host many exchange students in the fifth semester and often offer workshops given by guest lecturers from abroad.

To keep our finger on the pulse of developments in the world of design, we created Faydherbe Academie: 


  • organizing courses, workshops, study trips and the yearly seminars:[W]interieuravonden (winter(ior)evenings);
  • encouraging students to take part in design competitions and offering a platform for those winning an award;
  • bridging the gap between education and research and public service;
  • building close associations with diverse companies to firmly anchor us regionally, as well as to increase our (inter)national acclaim;
  • offering a forum for meetings between students, alumni and professionals, and generally everyone interested in new design.

Campus Lucas Faydherbe is a place where everyone knows each other by name and where there are hardly any barriers, not between the policymakers and day-to-day activities, nor between lecturers and students. Lecturers work as personal coaches, guiding each individual student in his or her learning process. Our community stimulates experimentations and spurs on the passion for design.

Faculties and Departments

Thomas More is the largest University of Applied Sciences in Flanders, part of the Association of the University of Leuven, and mainly located in the province of Antwerp. Thomas More has seven campuses on which you can find more than 20 English taught exchange semesters for students from partner universities. Next to that we also offer 4 English-taught bachelor degree programs  and an English postgraduate programme to which international students can participate.  

The Interior, Design & Architecture department is the creative ‘odd man out’ in the university of Applied Sciences. While keeping our feet firmly on the ground, we look forward to the future world (of design) with Mechelen – the historic heart of Burgundian Flanders and the birthplace of a rich furniture tradition – as our home base.

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor in Applied Architecture  (180 credits)

Bachelor in Interior Design (180 credits) with a specialization track in the third year of the bachelor of 30 credits

   ° Specialization in Interior & Detail

   ° Specialization in Interior & Architecture

   ° Specialization in Interior & Service Design (in English)

   ° Specialization in Interior & Concept

   ° Specialization in Interior & Furniture Design

Master Level Programs

Postgraduate furniture design (60 credits – 1 year – in Dutch))

International Postgraduate in Space & Service Design (45 to 60 credits – 1 year – in English)

Research Activity and Main Areas

We conduct research of design, through design and for design.

Our current research topics are:

Space & Service Design

The hybrid city

Design for education

Design for care

Sustainable materials for interior design

Belgian furniture design history

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Exhange students participate to the third year of the Bachelor in Interior Design. They choose to enroll in one of the specialization tracks in the third year:

   ° Studio Interior & Detail

   ° Studio Interior & Architecture

   ° Studio Interior & Service Design 

   ° Studio Interior & Concept

   ° Studio Interior & Furniture Design

We offer exchange students a fulltime semester in English (30 credits) with compulsory and elective subjects.

The information for the Fall semester will be available online as of March for incoming exchange students.
For the Spring semester the information will be available as of October.
Selected students will complete their online Application Form. The selected students will then send the application package digitally.
Application package and access to online system is at: https://www.thomasmore.be/en/exchange-students

Application Deadlines

Fall semester: 1st May for the following fall semester and full academic year.
Spring semester: 31th October

Teaching Languages

English programme of 30 ECTS credits (1 ECTS = 25 à 30 hours workload)

Semester Dates

Fall semester: mid September until beginning of February, including examination period.
Spring semester: Beginning of February until the end of June, including examination period.

Students are expected to arrive before the introduction days.
Fall semester: timeframe : 3rd week of September
Spring semester: timeframe : Last week of January / First week of February

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

approx. 300 EUR (lodging)

approx. 800 EUR (daily living)


Bachelor: 700
Master: 30

Exchange Students

Incoming: 20
Outgoing: 40
Others: 40

Teaching Staff

Lectures: 50
Part-time Teachers: 40

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