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The Ural State University of Architecture and Art (USUAA)

The Ural State University of Architecture and Art (USUAA)

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Mission Statement

USUAA aspires to become a sustainable Eurasian centre of education, research, innovation and creativity in the areas of architecture, design and art in order to promote the creation of an optimal environment for post-industrial society. USUAA pursues a balanced approach to teaching and learning achieved through joint training of architects, designers, artists and urban-planning professionals in a mutually enriching environment at bachelor, master and doctoral levels, The aim is to train graduates as versatile professionals who are able to move between art, design and architecture based on the integration of art and related disciplines into all the programs offered by the University. One of the sources of inspiration for USUAA has always been VKHUTEMAS (1920s), a Russian school of advanced thought in art, architecture and design.

International Role

After the opening of the country's borders in the early 1990s, USUAA started exploring potentialities for international collaboration in the fields of architecture, art and design with the purposes of identifying its level and place among similar schools abroad. Since then, various joint projects have been undertaken with schools and universities in various countries: Germany, France, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, etc. A successful collaboration project was realised with the University of Huddersfield (UK), whereby USUAA franchised programmes in product design, interior design and graphic design from the UK school. The franchise programmes demonstrated that USAAA students and graduates were able to compete with their UK peers. Most of them were awarded very high grades by UK standards. Another USUAA's successful project was in the area of architectural semiotics in collaboration with colleagues in France, Spain and other countries. That collaboration resulted in joint research and publications. Design at USUAA has been actively pursuing projects with major international brands. Thus, projects have been held with Samsung, Bosch-Siemens, Volkswagen Design, etc.  A number of USUAA's students are now in employment with Volkswagen Design; Peugeot, Bosch, Renault, Samsung, etc. USUAA is interested in expanding collaboration with schools and partners abroad for mutual benefit.

National Role

Nationally, USUAA is a leading school in the areas of architecture, design and art. We are often quoted as ranking on a par with the leading design, art and architecture schools in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. USUAA plays a major role in the development of design and architecture education nationally. Specifically, USUAA's representatives have taken an active role in drafting the third-generation national educational standards. USUAA regularly interacts with other similar schools, specifically within the framework of national and international graduate project exhibitions and competitions, where USUAA invariably wins awards. Regionally (the Urals, Russia), USUAA is the leading educational institution in the areas of architecture, design and art, acting as a benchmark for courses and programs provided by other educational institutions. In Ekaterinburg, the capital city of the Urals, USUAA is a major participant of all events and processes in the areas of architecture, design and art. The leading staff of the University act as consultants for the regional government and municipal authorities in issues of urban planning, design, landscaping, etc. Its graduates work as Chief Architects and Planners in major cities of Russia (Ekaterinburg, Sochi, Tyumen, Krasnoyarsk, etc.), and as lead designers at major companies, such as KAMAZ and VAZ. USUAA has agreements with large manufacturing companies in Ekaterinburg, under which students do placements and pursue further careers. Most of the teaching staff are members of such national associations as the Russian Union of Architects and the Russian Association of Designers. Moreover, USAAA and its staff are regularly commissioned to design urban and rural master plans (including the Strategic Plan for Ekaterinburg), housing developments, interiors, cult buildings, heritage conservation and resoration projects, etc., and to provide expert conclusions concerning the technical condition of historical buildings.

Main Focus

USUAA provides a continuous education system in art, architecture and design – from primary and secondary school level (covered by the Pre-Admission Training Faculty) through bachelor degree courses to master and doctoral levels and professional development options. The main focus is on the integration of the artistic component into all the teaching programs offered by the University, student design project being at the core of all teaching and learning activity.

Faculties and Departments

Architectural Institute, Design Institute, Institute of Fine Arts, Faculty of Pre-Admission Training, Faculty of Continuing Professional Education, Faculty of Part-Time Studies

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor (Industrial Design) – 4 years, Bachelor (Fashion Design) – 4 years; Bachelor (Spatial Design) – 4 years; Bachelor (Graphic Design) – 4 years; Bachelor (Multimedia Design) – 4 years; Bachelor (Interface Design) – 4 years; Bachelor (Architecture) – 5 years; Bachelor (Urban Planning) – 5 years, Bachelor (Applied Art and Folk Crafts) – 4 years;  Bachelor (Costume and Textile Art) – 4 years; Specialist (Painting) – 6 years; Specialist (Graphics) – 6 years; Specialist (Monumental Decorative Art) – 6 years.

Master Level Programs

Industrial Design – 2 years, Graphic Design – 2 years, Spatial Design – 2 years, Fashion Design – 2 years; Architecture – 2 years; Applied Decorative Art and Folk Crafts – 2 years.

Research Activity and Main Areas

USUAA considers research essential at all levels, and, thus, students are introduced to the basics of research work from early on. The bulk of research work is conducted by the teaching and research staff in the following main research areas: – History and Future of Architecture; – Architectural Heritage of the Bauhaus in the Historical Context of the 1930s Russia; – Architectural Image and Morphology; – Town and Rural Planning, Zoning, and Landscape Architecture; – Theory and Methodology of Vocational Architectural Education; – Critique in Cinema, TV and Other Media; – Art in Architectural Environment; – Theory and Methodology of Design for the Extreme Environment of the Arctic in the Context of the Regional Design Education System (Urals and Siberia).

Doctorate Level Programs

Architecture; Art Studies

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Design, Architecture, Fine Arts.

Application Deadlines

1 March for autumn semester
1 October for spring semester

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Autumn semester: 1 September – 15 January
Spring semester: 1 February – 31 June 


Bachelor: 1800
Master: 200
Doctorate: 20

Teaching Staff

Professors: 105
Lectures: 114
Part-time Teachers: 21

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