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The University of Chieti-Pescara

Department of Architecture

Italy Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Research activity, scientific dissemination, technological transfer of innovations are priority functions for the Department of Architecture of Pescara

International Role

31 European universities affiliated with the DdA for the Erasmus student mobility programmes. 26 non-EU universities in Europe, America, Asia and Africa affiliated with the DdA for the exchange of teachers and students.

National Role

the Department of Architecture has signed numerous scientific agreements, memoranda of understanding and agreements on behalf of third parties, mainly with local bodies and institutions.

Main Focus

Our main focus in Education is both oriented in BA and MA in Design, Architecture, Urban Planning

Faculties and Departments

The Department of Architecture is one of 14 Departments of the University of Chieti-Pescara

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in "Design"_ subject area: Industrial design; duration: 3 years

BA in "Sustainable Habitat Sciences"_subject area: Territorial, urban, landscape and environmental planning sciences; duration: 3 years

Master Level Programs

MA in "Architecture"_ subject area: Architecture; duration: 5 years

MA in "Eco Inclusive Design"_ subject area: Industrial design; duration: 2 years

Research Activity and Main Areas

The lines of research are many, linked to the various scientific disciplinary sectors present in the Department, all united by the interest in the "project" declined at various scales: territorial, urban, architectural, technological and industrial product.

Doctorate Level Programs

DA in "Design Cultures: Creativity, Heritage, Environment"_ subject areas: Architecture, Urban Planning and Design"; duration: 3 years

DA in "Design for Made in Italy: Identity, Innovation and Sustainability" (Doctorate of National Interest, involving 17 Italian Universities); wide number of subject areas, related to 3 different curicula; duration: 3 years

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All the informations about International students are are at the University webpage: https://www.unich.it/didattica/international/international-students

Moreover, more specific informations about the Department of Architecture can be found at the webpage: https://www.dda.unich.it/didattica/programma-erasmus

Application Deadlines

Generally the application deadlines are fixed at the end of August of every year.

Teaching Languages

the teaching language in our BA and MA courses is italian, even if almost all teachers can easily speak english.

Semester Dates

We have two teaching semesters: from october to january and from february to may


Bachelor: 13600
Master: 9000
Doctorate: 300

Exchange Students

Incoming: 60
Outgoing: 170

Teaching Staff

Professors: 600
Lectures: 120
Other permanent teachers: 200

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