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Mission Statement

The Department of Design at The Ohio State University:

  • Prepares students to play key roles in the future of design practice and research;
  • Creates critical design-related knowledge;
  • Advances interdisciplinary collaboration;
  • Promotes diversity;
  • Serves the social good.


International Role

We do not currently offer any in-house travel study opportunities.

National Role

We are connected to design associations such as The Industrial Designers Society of America, The International Interior Design Association, The American Institute of Graphic Arts, and The Interaction Design Association. We have both local chapters of these organizations in our city, as well as student chapters in the institution. We are also well-connected to industry locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Main Focus

Undergraduate programs – professional practice + collaborative design + design for positive social and environmental impact

Graduate programs – interdisciplinary design research + development, digital animation + interactive media + design for positive social impact

Faculties and Departments

Department of Design

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor of Science in Design: Industrial Design Bachelor of Science in Design: Interior Design Bachelor of Science in Design: Visual Communication Design All programs are 4 years.

Master Level Programs

MFA Design: Design Research and Development track

Program is two years in length.

MFA Design: Digital Animation and Interactive Media track

Program is three years in length.

Research Activity and Main Areas

As above + industry-sponsored collaborations

Doctorate Level Programs



Bachelor: 150
Master: 30

Teaching Staff

Professors: 15
Lectures: 12
Other permanent teachers: 1

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