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the Lviv National Academy of Arts

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Mission Statement

The Lviv National Academy of Arts nurtures a learning environment committed to developing professionals in art and design, as well as scholars and managers within the arts sector. Our students develop into critical thinkers, characterized by courage, responsibility, and a self-motivated attitude, deeply involved with both local and international contexts.

We are building a network of interconnected communities, fostering collaboration and championing interdisciplinary approaches. The Academy actively engages in cultural practices, playing a pivotal role in fostering discussions around social transformation and the molding of national identity.

International Role

LNAA is committed to building global connections and partnerships. Our collaborations extend to about 100 artistic institutions worldwide. We are a part of the Erasmus+ program and are engaged in diverse international grant projects. These projects focus on the digitization of art and archival collections, while also fostering entrepreneurship, creativity, intercultural competencies, and adult education.

National Role

LNAA stands as a major art institution in Ukraine, greatly contributing to art education at both national and regional levels. Renowned for its effective training programs, it plays a key role in developing artists and art professionals, thereby significantly influencing the Ukrainian art sector. Active in the cultural scene of Lviv, the Academy organizes numerous art events, shaping public discourse on societal changes and positioning itself as a central cultural influencer within the city. LNAA fosters robust collaborations with universities and art associations, enabling academic exchanges and joint projects. These collaborations, along with strong connections to the art industry and businesses, provide students with invaluable practical experiences, further driving growth in the art sector. 

Main Focus

The main focus in education covers a broad spectrum of programes and courses, including various traditional arts, contemporary art, and design, as well as courses in art history, cultural studies, and art management. These courses are taught by a team of enthusiastic professionals, comprising artists, designers, and theorists. LNAA places a strong emphasis on the development of non-formal and adult education programs, acknowledging their vital role in the academy's comprehensive educational agenda.

Faculties and Departments

  • Faculty of Design
  • Faculty of Decorative and Applied Arts
  • Faculty of Fine Arts and Restoration
  • Faculty of History and Theory of Art

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in 

  • Graphic design
  • Fashion design 
  • Interior design
  • Illustration and media design
  • Restoration 
  • Sacred art
  • Art glass
  • Art metal
  • Art wood
  • Textiles
  • Ceramics
  • Painting 
  • Sculpture
  • Contemporary art practices
  • History and theory of art
  • Cultural studies
  • Art management

Master Level Programs

MA in

  • Restoration
  • Sacred art
  • Textiles
  • Art glass
  • Graphic design
  • Fashion design 
  • Interior design
  • Monumental painting 
  • Monumental and decorative sculpture
  • Art wood, ceramics, metal
  • Contemporary art practices
  • Cultural studies
  • Art management

Research Activity and Main Areas

The Academy offers research programs that combine theoretical and practical approaches at the third level of education. Students have the opportunity to engage in in-depth academic research and develop their skills through practical creativity in their specialized fields.

Doctorate Level Programs

DA in

  • Fine arts, decorative arts, restoration
  • Design

PhD in

  • Fine arts, decorative arts, restoration
  • Design

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All undergraduate and postgraduate programs in design and fine art are open for student exchange opportunities.

Application Deadlines

1 May for autumn semester and academic year
1 November for spring semester

Teaching Languages

Our primary language of instruction is Ukrainian. To support the learning needs of foreign students and facilitate their academic success, we provide personalized guidance in English. Approximately half of our faculty members are proficient in English or other foreign languages.

Semester Dates

Fall semester: 1 September – 23 December
Spring semester: 15 Fabruary – 31 June

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Minimum 500 EUR per month (moderate conditions)


Bachelor: 1038
Master: 107
Doctorate: 37

Exchange Students

Incoming: 10
Outgoing: 15
Others: 5

Teaching Staff

Professors: 105
Lectures: 110
Part-time Teachers: 6

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