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Mission Statement

TEDU Faculty of Architecture and Design carries the mission of fostering graduates that are creative, critical-minded, self-confident, well-rounded lifelong learners by using innovative teaching methods and curricula that have a proper depth-to-breadth balance required by global knowledge economies. TEDU Faculty of Architecture and Design, which holds pride in being transparent, accountable, and trustworthy, is a learning institution aiming at continuity and sustainable development and at contributing to the world of science by generating new knowledge through a wide range of scholarly research and creative efforts in focus areas of institutional priority.

International Role

TED University has bilateral agreements for the Erasmus+ mobility program with many universities from 19 countries. 59 of these agreements are for staff mobility while 52 of them are for student mobility. The list of the universities and subject areas: https://ipo.tedu.edu.tr/sites/default/files/content_files/agreements_27.xls  

There are also bilateral agreements for student exchange with 17 universities in Asia, Europe and America: https://ipo.tedu.edu.tr/en/ipo/bilateral-agreements 

Additionally, TEDU Faculty of Architecture and Design has educational and professional collaborations with the following international institutions:

  • AESOP Association of European Schools of Planning
  • EAAE European Association of Architectural Education
  • ILA&UD International Laboratory of Architecture & Urban Design
  • GPEAN Global Planning Education Association Network

National Role

TEDU Faculty of Architecture and Design has close ties with many professional and educational associations and institutions in Turkey. In addition to memberships, we collaborate with these institutions to improve design and architecture education, plan and realise accreditation activities, establish and maintain standards for good practice, and organise professional events. These institutions are 

  • Association For Accreditation of Architectural Education (MiAK)
  • Industrial Designers' Society of Turkey (ETMK) 
  • Evaluation and Accreditation Board for Communication Education-Turkey (İLEDAK) 
  • Design and Planning Accrediting Association (TAPLAK)
  • Association of Architects in Private Practice (TSMD)
  • Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB)

Main Focus

The main focus in education at TEDU Faculty of Architecture and Design is oriented on art, design, architecture and urban planning, and practice-led research at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Architecture and Design. Departments:

  • Architecture (ARCH)
  • City and Regional Planning (CITY)
  • Industrial Design (ID)
  • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (TINT)
  • Visual Communication Design (VCODE)

Bachelor Level Programs

The estimated duration of studying for all the bachelor-level programs is 4 years (240 ECTS):

  • Architecture (B.Arch.)
  • City and Regional Planning (B.S.)
  • Industrial Design (B.I.D.)
  • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (B.F.A.)
  • Visual Communication Design (B.A.)

Master Level Programs

The estimated duration of studying for all the master-level programs is 2 years (120 ECTS).

  • Architectural Design (M.Arch.) 
  • Architecture and Urban Studies (MA)

Research Activity and Main Areas

The main research areas in our faculty is focused on the following topics: 

  • Cultural studies 
  • Media arts 
  • User experience 
  • Design education 
  • Sustainability 
  • History of architecture and design 

A list of publications can be found at: https://fa.tedu.edu.tr/en/publications 

Doctorate Level Programs

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Subject areas applicable for ERASMUS Exchanges:

02.0 Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning
02.1 Architecture
02.2 Interior Design
02.3 Urban Planning
02.4 Regional Planning
02.9 Others Architecture
Urban and Regional Planning

03.0 Art and Design
03.4 Photography, Cinematography
03.5 Design (Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Fashion, Textile)
03.9 Others Art and Design 

15.0 Communication and Information Sciences
15.3 Public Relations, Publicity, Advertising
15.9 Other Communication and Information Sciences

Application Deadlines

Approaching deadlines are announced regularly by the International Programs Office website: https://ipo.tedu.edu.tr/en/ipo  

Teaching Languages

The teaching language for all programs is English.

Semester Dates

The academic year typically begins in September and ends in June, with 3-4 weeks of break in between the Fall and Spring semesters.  

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Depending on the lifestyle, the monthly cost of living for an exchange student may vary between 500-700€


Bachelor: 585
Master: 13
Doctorate: -

Exchange Students

Incoming: 1 (in 2021)
Outgoing: 15 (in 2021
Others: -

Teaching Staff

Professors: 23
Lectures: 3
Other permanent teachers: 10
Part-time Teachers: 21

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