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Mission Statement

"Freedom and Will"

Freedom is a matter of the greatest significance, not least because without it there can be no art. Since its inception, Tama Art University has been dedicated to the pursuit of both freedom and art. However, the concept of freedom incorporated in the university’s ideology is not a gift, but an obligation. Without exercising strong personal will, freedom is reduced to nothing more than a means to an end. Will creates freedom, and freedom fosters will. This dialectic forms a strong current underlying the activities of Tama Art University.

International Role

International exchange is one of the main pillars supporting Tama Art University's education and research activities. Implementing international joint research and exchange programs with partner institutions, we have been providing various opportunities for international exchange, including teachers' overseas research activities among others. A large number of foreign exchange students demanding a high degree of professionalism are currently enrolled at our university.

National Role

Tama Art University is also very active in extramural activities which help to strengthen community links. Our area of operations includes not only the capital city of Tokyo and other areas of Japan, but locations in foreign countries which together form a steadily expanding international network. In the field of art education, the Lifelong Learning Center offers a comprehensive program of lectures and workshops related to art and design for people of all ages, from children to retirees. The program is extremely popular and has attracted a good deal of attention. In the future the university will continue to utilize knowledge and technology in order to serve society, while at the same time offering an unparalleled education to its students.

Main Focus

Our goal is to enrich and advance the contents of education and research, with the aim of fostering students with strong character and a wide range of competencies aligned with the international community, and cultivating outstanding artists, designers, educational researchers and more who can make positive contributions to present-day society. In addition, we have set as an educational goal “the fusion of specialization and integration,” which is vital for the education of both industry professionals and independent artists.

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Art and Design (undergraduate) consist of 10 departments.

Graduate School of Art and Design consist of 6 Majors.

Bachelor Level Programs

<Faculty of Art and Design>

Bachelor's Degree Program (4 years)

Japanese Painting / Oil Painting / Graphic Arts /Sculpture /Ceramic, Glass, and Metal Works / Graphic Design / Product Design / Textile Design / Architecture and Environmental Design / Information Design / Art Studies / Integrated Design / Scenography Design, Drama, and Dance

Master Level Programs

<Graduate School of Art and Design>

Master's Degree Program (2 years)

Painting / Sculpture / Ceramic, Glass, and Metal Works / Design / Art Studies / Drama and Dance

Research Activity and Main Areas

As a center for education and research, Tama Art University plays an important role in the cultural and commercial life of Japan. By making the best use of its extensive resources, it aims to contribute to developments in such fields as art, culture, and information technology.

For the past twenty years, collaborative research has been undertaken with industry, academia, and governmental organizations with the aim of contributing to the development of society. At present, these kinds of joint research include the development of products and systems for companies, programs for the promotion of local industries and revitalization projects to help municipalities stimulate local economies. The number of research activities involving other educational institutions has steadily increased, which demonstrates the success of our approach. Eventually, results gained from special research activities are incorporated into curriculums to benefit TAU students.

Doctorate Level Programs

<Graduate School of Art and Design>

Doctoral Degree Program (3 years)


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All subject areas (options vary depending on the partner school)

Please note: 

Student Exchange Program is only open to students who are officially enrolled as degree students at one of our partner schools from the link below.


Application Deadlines

Spring Semester (April- August):September 30

Autumn Semester (September-March): March 31 

Teaching Languages

All classes are basically conducted in Japanese.

While some faculty members are able to offer support in English, we strongly recommend to acquire basic Japanese proficiency before participating in the exchange program.

Semester Dates

Spring Semester: April- August

Autumn Semester: September-March

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Average cost of living for month is about 114,000 JPY.


Bachelor: 4408
Master: 297
Doctorate: 16

Exchange Students

Incoming: 24
Outgoing: 27

Teaching Staff

Professors: 108
Lectures: 14
Other permanent teachers: 16
Part-time Teachers: 434

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