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National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech)

College of Design

Taipei , Taiwan (China) Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

As the first technological university in Taiwan, our university vision is to build a world-class university through international outreach and applied research. In doing so, the main missions are to focus our efforts on academic excellence and effective cooperation with industry, and to cultivate students with an international outlook and creative vision.  

International Role

In pursuit of the goal of international outreach, College of Design at Taiwan Tech will continue to maintain a balanced emphasis between design theory and design practice, to strive for excellence in design research, and to collaborate with strategic partners. 

National Role

In Taiwan, College of Design at Taiwan Tech plays a crucial role in establishing design policy mechanism, driving design innovation of enterprises, promoting innovation of public services, developing social design innovation, and promoting interdisciplinary through design.

Main Focus

We provide a wider range of academic programs (e.g., undergraduate, master, doctoral and professional master) of Design and Archicture in College of Design, Taiwan Tech.


Faculties and Departments

Department of Design & Department of Architecture

Bachelor Level Programs



Master Level Programs



Research Activity and Main Areas

Our research activities cover a broad range of topics including architecture design, interior design, furniture design, product design, digital multimedia design, computer animation and game, IU/UX design, service design, package design, fashion design, artifact design, visual communication design, brand design, advertisement design, product planning, social design, and more.

Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Design, Architecture

Application Deadlines

Nomination deadlines: Fall semester: April 15

                                     Spring semester: Oct. 15

Application deadlines: Fall semester: April 30

                                     Spring semester: Oct. 30

Teaching Languages

Courses in graduate level: Available in Chinese and English

Courses in undergraduate level: Mainly taught in Chinese, Some in English

Semester Dates

Fall semester: From the beginning of September to the end of Desember

Spring semester: From the middle of February to the beginning of June

Exact dates to be confirmed in May each year

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Off-campus housing: NT$ 9,000~ NT$12,000 per month (=USD 300~400).

Living (including food and transportation): NT$ 10,000 ~ NT$12,000 per month (=USD 333~400).

Cost may vary depending on housing type and student's shopping habits.


Bachelor: 793
Master: 347
Doctorate: 121

Exchange Students

Incoming: 20
Outgoing: 40
Others: NA

Teaching Staff

Professors: 32
Lectures: 4
Other permanent teachers: 1
Part-time Teachers: 112

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