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Mission Statement

Our Mission

To nurture all-round individuals and devote ourselves to the discovery, advancement, transmission and application of knowledge that meet the needs of our society and the global community

Our Educational Goals

Sunway University students will:
become independent, lifelong learners who actively pursue knowledge and appreciate its global application to economic, political, social and cultural development be empowered with the competencies and capacity to contribute to a fast-changing economic, social and technological world develop strong leadership qualities and communication skills be prepared for careers that enable them to lead productive, fulfilling and meaningful lives value integrity and become ethical, accountable, caring and responsible members of society

International Role

As an institution we have an international student body as well as a mixed staff. We are actively involved in international collaborations such as the one we are currently doing with Metropolia in Finland and the University of Colorado, Denver. We are currently working on an exchanges with institutions in the region and Europe for undergraduates, post graduate students and staff.  

We have joint degrees with Lancaster University in the UK.

National Role

Sunway University is part of the Jeffery Cheah Foundation. The foundation and university are dedicated to promoting the 17 sustainable developmentgoals goal of the UN. We have the Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development (JSC) and the Sunway Centre for Planetary Health both of which our students and faculty collaborate with.   

Main Focus

We are a programme focused on providing a strong practical education in design and interior architecture. In the latter we are training students to hold Malaysian Board of Architecture certification. All our students have internships for practical training.

Within this our university is becoming a research-oriented institution. We are trying to bring more of a multidisciplinary aspect to our education with a significant research element. This is where the MA and PhD programmes come in. They combine research and theory with practical output, which following the Research Council of Canada we have define as research-creation. 

Faculties and Departments

School of Arts, Department of Art, Design & Media


Bachelor Level Programs

BA(Hon) Design Communication, 

BA(Hon) Interior Architecture

Master Level Programs

Visual Communication & Media Studies (by couresework)

Creative Arts & Media (by research)

Research Activity and Main Areas

Our faculty and students have created work and done research in sustainability, heritage, and healthcare. In conjunction with our research centre (The Centre for Research-Creation in Digital Media) our faculty and post gradaute students have conducted research using AR, VR and mixed reality. 

Our students and faculty are also involved in traditional and new media arts. Exhibiting and curating in the region and internationally.

Our faculty and PG students are active in attending conferences and publishing journal articles in the arts. The School hosted our first International Conferenc on Material Culture in 2021. The reseach centre hosted the Virtual Systems & Multimedia (VSMM) confernce in 2016.

Doctorate Level Programs

Creative Arts & Media (by research)

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Exchange students can take any courses in the BDC or BIA majors that do not require a prerequisite. If there is a prerequisite to a course admission will be on a case-by-case basis.

Application Deadlines

We have two possible intakes a year.

It generally takes about 12-8 weeks to get a student visa

30 Janauary 2023 for April semester 

10 June 2023 for September semester  

Teaching Languages

All coures are taught in English.

Semester Dates

April term:
25 April to 18 August (14 weeks + 2 weeks exam period)

September term:
7 September – 12 January 2024 (14 weeks + 2 weeks exam period)

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Full semester exchange
Twin Sharing: RM780 per month
Single: MYR 1,150 per month 

Guest Unit (for 1-2 month duration): RM80 daily rate

Meals (3 a day) MYR 1200 per month

Books and Stationery MYR 200 – MYR 500 per course per semester

 Entertainment allowances MYR 200 – MYR 300 per month


Bachelor: 230
Master: 24
Doctorate: 3

Exchange Students

Incoming: 2
Outgoing: 3

Teaching Staff

Professors: 10
Lectures: 29
Other permanent teachers: 8
Part-time Teachers: 8

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