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Mission Statement

To build a global creative community in which learning, research, and engagement are all part of the creative experience, to translate leading technologies into new design outcomes and industry advancement for social benefit, and to educate students in the enormous potentials and responsibilities of Design.

International Role

We conceptualise the school in a global design discourse and production system. A fully bilingual institution, the SUSTech School of Design is actively engaged in an international design pedagogy through the academics in the school as well as partnerships, developing and in place, in the international sector. Of the founding academics currently in place, we have colleagues originally from many countries, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, South Korea, as well as China. All of the latter have academic and practice experience outside China. We are developing curricula and delivery with academic institutions in Australia and, in the near future, in Europe. With Shenzhen's central position in the production and delivery of designed outcomes, we intend the school to be a welcoming host for global design engagement and development.

National Role

A very large portion of all design practitioners in China live and work in China. Much of the future of design here rests on the development of technologies and scientific advances as they are translated for social, economic and health benefits that will be deployed globally. The SUSTech School of Design is distinctive in being hosted in a globally leading university of science and technology (the THE ranks our university eighth in China overall and thirteenth in the global 2022 Young Universities ranking. WIth this capacity, the school occupies a distinctive position nationally. The school was founded by direction from the Shenzhen municipal government who fund its development. The first UNESCO City of Design in China, Shenzhen is deeply committed to the importance and essential role of design in bringing value to its industries and to realising its future as an eco-city that is a location of choice for employers and visitors. 

Main Focus

1. Object Design: working at all scales of designed functional objects; the structural optimization of products; service provision; enhancing the competitiveness and effectiveness of products and processes; and improving the quality and efficiency of supply systems. 

2. Interaction Design: enabling and enriching interactions including service design, gaming and IoT; engaging with artificial intelligence (AI); big data; interactions of devices and sentient beings; augmented reality (AR); and virtual reality (VR). 

3. Experience Design: developing and extending the range of experiences including gaming and animation; enriching scriptwriting and narration; extending the range of interaction to enhance experience including AR and VR; advancing the applications of AI in design and uses.

4. Wearables Design: engaging in the full range of wearables, including fashion, jewelry, as well as but not limited to those augmenting capabilities and functionalities, working with advances in materials and cultures. 

5. Environment Design: working in both tangible and intangible environments, analogue and digital, from interiors to urban contexts, with a particular engagement in data driven design and in the coupled urban and natural systems. 

Faculties and Departments

School of Design

Bachelor Level Programs

B Eng (Industrial Design)  Duration of Studying: 4 years.

Master Level Programs

M Eng (Materials and Chemical Engineering)  Duration of Studying: 2 years.

M Eng (Mechanics) Duration of Studying: 3 years.

Research Activity and Main Areas

1. Smart Products

2. Wellness

3. Accessibility and Inclusion

Doctorate Level Programs

Ph.D. (Mechanics)

Duration of Studying: 4~5 years.

Joint Ph. D.  education program with City University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Duration of Studying: 4 years

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

As a new school that just started for 15 months, while we develop new programs suitable to the School,we participate in the exchange programs built by SUSTech, which is known for its strength in campus internationalization and global engagement. The exchange programs available at present include the follows:

  1. Nanyang Technological University Exchange Program
  2. National University of Singapore "Entrepreneurship Internship Program for Exchange Students"
  3. Pohang University of Science and Technology Exchange Program
  4. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Exchange Program
  5. State University of New York at Stony Brook Exchange Program
  6. Korea University Exchange Program
  7. Queen's University (Canada) Exchange Program
  8. University of Toronto Student Exchange Program
  9. Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences Exchange Program
  10. University of Notre Dame Student Exchange Program
  11. Temple University Exchange Program

Application Deadlines

For the application deadlines for all the exchange programs, please kindly check:


Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Spring Semester (2022)

Beginning date: Feb 14th    Ending date:  June 25th

Summer Semester (2022)

Beginning date: June 26th   Ending date:   August 5th

Autumn Semester (2022)

Beginning date: September 5th    Ending date:  Jan, 2023

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Accommodation fee: 600RMB-1500RMB per month

Utility fee: 100 RMB per month

Food, transportation and other living costs: 1000 RMB-1200 RMB per month


Bachelor: 19
Master: 1
Doctorate: 1

Teaching Staff

Professors: 13
Lectures: 2
Other permanent teachers: 2

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