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Society for Design and Art Fusing with Science and Technology The SDAFST

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Mission Statement

Today, the science melted into our daily life, for example such global phenomena as called hyper informative society, diversely and complexly. In these circumstances, it is expected to interchange, dispatch and propel creativity focusing humanity and its future. This should be established by not only the specialized research field of design but also by the viewpoint of fusing any kind of research field related to humanity or society, especially art, science and technology. The memberships of SDAFST must respond to these various problems by means of opening to various academic fields such as history, economy, cultural anthropology, sociology adding to art, science and technology, and will develop human resources of next generation.

International Role

The SDAFST has held international conference in Korea and China. In Korea, Spring convention of the SDAFS 1999 was held at Sookmyung Women’s University in 1999, and in China, Spring Convention of the SDAFST 2010 was held at Tongji University in Shanghai in 2010, co-sponsored by each university. The SDAFST has 8 memberships who live out of Japan at 1st Jan. 2015,

National Role

The SDAFST has following activities in routine; – Hold Spring Convention each year to discuss state of the art topics – Hold Autumn Convention each year for research presentation and symposium Issue the journal of the SDAFST three times per year – Review the thesis from the membership, then post them to the journal – Give prize to selected papers – Encourage excellent graduate works or papers recommended by the jury team in each universities of the SDAFST – Edit and issue some books related to design and art fusing with science and technology – Holding competitions related to design and art fusing with science and technology – Developing programs for students or fleshers

Research Activity and Main Areas

The SDAFST started activity to organize research networks to apply to the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

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