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Mission Statement

1. To establish an online platform to assist and support people (art-design students, designers, artists ) and organizations ( enterprises, government and charity organizations )to share their knowledge, as well as experience while creating an online community for them to reach out and to cooperate with each other. This platform will include several mainly plates such as: self-designed product, student recruitment, competition and event, and philanthropic activity.
To collaborate with JNA, UBM Asia and World Gold Council held Xifu International Gold Jewellry Design Competition together in the year 2017. It encouraged designers from all over the world to communicate, and it supported and encouraged potential jewelry designers to leverage their power in the jewelry industry. 

National Role

1. To collaborate with SJDA(Shenzhen Jewellery Designers Association) to promote the commercialization and international development of jewelry designer groups.

2. To collaborate with Shenzhen Government to protect the copyright of students' and designers' works.

3. To cooperate with some design colleges and universities such as Tsinghua University to assists each other to achieve a better development in jewellery industry.

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